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5 F8 Announcements You Should Know

Didn’t have time to make sense of the Facebook f8 announcements this week? Have no fear, our very own Erin Ledbetter has summarized the announcements that matter to you in her recent blog post, “5 f8 Announcements Brands Should Care About“. Long story short: Facebook videos are now embeddable, 360 degree video capabilities are coming in a Facebook newsfeed near you, Facebook Messenger is adding bells and whistles and opening up to third party developers to make it a more social and attractive application for brands, and Facebook is positioning Messenger as a customer CRM and brand communication tool.[br][br]

Twitter Teams Up With Foursquare to Provide Location Tagging

Twitter announced that tweets will soon be able to be tagged with location, thanks to a partnership with Foursquare. This provides an obvious sharing experience to Twitter users that was missing for quite some time, while opening up new advertising, targeting, and real-time opportunities on Twitter for marketers to take advantage of. Does this move make Foursquare more irrelevant, or does this integration give Foursquare a unique advantage from other review-sites like Yelp? We think the latter, as combining the reach of Twitter with the functionality of Foursquare could open up unique opportunities.[br][br]

Nielsen Research Confirms Value of Video

If the social network arms race to win video views isn’t enough to convince you to produce more video content, a Nielsen study conducted by Facebook reveals the value of a Facebook video ad can be linked to improving brand awareness, message association, and brand recall. What’s even more fascinating is that measurable value can be attributed to a video ad, even under a second of viewing. Read a snapshot of the findings and implications for brands here.
And lastly, in the slew of photo editing social applications available, Instagram is now getting in on the action. This week, the company announced a new application called “Layout from Instagram”, as a way to allow Instagram and Facebook users to showcase photos in custom collage layouts designed for social. The application also has a “Photo Booth” feature to give users a countdown and instantly add a series of photos to a layout.


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