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Replace “Link in Bio” with Stampede Social?

One of the most interesting but perhaps lesser-known social media tools out there is Stampede Social. Stampede Social is looking to replace “Link in Bio” with a interesting way to instantly deliver links or content to interested followers. But that’s not all it does. I truly haven’t seen anything else like it out there. So, to learn more about Stampede Social, I recently sat down with the founder, Jeff Dwoskin. One reason Jeff has been able to create a social media tool built for actual use cases is that he has worked in industry and as a creator. He has experience doing social media for big brands and is a podcaster and comedian. Because of that, he has first-hand experience with the various problems brands and creators face on social media.

What is Stampede Social?

Stampede Social does a lot for content creators, but focuses mostly on reducing friction between creators and their audience. Their software provides numerous functions, all of which make it easier for creators to get what they’ve created into the hands of their fans and increase engagement. With Stampede Social, you can say goodbye to “Link in Bio!” thanks to their best feature, in my opinion, automated direct messages.

Automated DMs

This  feature, called Lasso, allows you to instantly and automatically send DMs to people who use certain hashtags or keywords in comments on your Instagram posts. These DMs include a call to action and a custom encrypted link to where you want to direct them. Say that you’re doing an Instagram Live or a podcast interview and you want to send people some information on your website. Normally, you’d have to message them individually or post a link in your bio. With the Lasso feature, you can tell your audience to comment with your chosen hashtag and it will automatically reply to them with the link. Since they get the link through the Stampede Social software, you can track exactly who got the link, who visited and more. Another great way to use this is on Instagram stories. You might think it’s simple enough to just put your link in your story. However, stories expire after 24 hours, not everyone has time to visit your link when they see it. Even if they open it in their web browser, it can easily be lost in their countless browser tabs (we all do it). Instead, if you ask them to reply to your story with your campaign hashtag, Stampede Social will automatically send them the link and then they’ll have it in their DMs to easily revisit later. This also automatically generate a leads list for you so you can easily message your audience in the future. Stampede Social is an always-on solution. It’s always working in the background to collect comments, monitor your engagement, and collect data.

Who is Stampede Social For?

Stampede Social puts the power in the hands of everyone. It is designed to deliver results at an enterprise level, but with a creator-level entry point. That means that it is a great tool for small creators like coaches, podcasters, or personal bloggers and as well as large corporations. With several pricing tiers, there is a suitable plan for everyone.

Benefits of Stampede Social

Easy to Share with a Team

First, Stampede Social is built on Meta technology, so it authenticates your account through Facebook. One benefit of this is if you have multiple people on your team you can provide access to Stampede Social without sharing your Instagram credentials.

AI-Assisted Comment Replies

Another feature that is becoming a must have in many tools these days is some well-placed AI help. As a creator, you probably know it’s important to reply to your comments and engage with your fans. But sometimes, it can be hard to think of good responses, especially if you get a lot of comments and want to avoid repeating yourself. Luckily, Stampede Social has recently added their “AI Help” button for comment replies. This feature considers the context of your Instagram caption and not just the user’s comment to provide you with a suggested response. Since it considers the caption in the reply, it helps you easily answer short or vague comments with a meaningful response. You can adjust settings to match your tone and voice. If you don’t like the option it provides, you can easily edit it or simply hit the button again to get a new response. In the future, they will also release a feature that provides AI analysis of comments to discover themes and other insights from that data.

Winner Selection Tool for Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to drive engagement on your social media channels and do something nice for your fans, but choosing a winner can be hard to manage. With Stampede Social, there is also a Shuffle feature where you can enter the requirements to win and then the software can automatically choose winners for you, after randomizing winner selection not once, but 5 times.

Robust Reporting

In the Reporting tab of Stampede Social, they provide a full Post Stats Report, which is especially helpful if you don’t have another tool for reporting. It keeps everything in a centralized place. With the Post Stats Report, you can do a full analysis of which types of posts are performing the best. For example, it compares the performance of images, carousels, Reels, videos, live events, and so on. They also provide a Top Engagers Report that will show you your top fans by analyzing how often they comment and engage with your posts.

Ties into User-Generated Content Campaigns

If you have an active user-generated content (UGC) campaign going, Stampede Social can monitor specific campaigns. It will show you specific data on specific hashtag campaigns and can separate unique engagement from repeated engagements by the same user.

Automatically Capture Instagram Live Engagement

One underrated feature of Stampede Social is the ability to collect information during Instagram Lives automatically. The software will automatically capture all of the comments and hashtags used during the live, so you don’t have to worry about trying to write them down or keep track. Instagram Lives are another great way to use the automatic DM feature, because people can use hashtags to quickly grab your content while you’re talking with them. For example, if you are going live to promote your new book, you can have people comment #book in the live to go purchase your book right then.

Get Stampede Social Today

Jeff’s built an interesting tool here. If you want to give it a try, visit and follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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