10 Tools To Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Engagement

Managing social media content is a constant challenge, however it’s a necessary task if a brand wants to increase their online visibility and influence. It can be difficult to come up with creative ideas and relevant information consistently. It’s a lot for any writer or content creator. But do not get discouraged; simply look towards technology and what it has to offer. There are plenty of resources available to help during the process. The following tools can assist in all areas of social media management, and can ultimately help increase your brand’s overall engagement.

1.) Hootsuite

Hootsuite lets users manage all social media accounts from one website. The tool helps users identify the best time to post content for their target audience, and provides a dashboard for each social media platform so users can track their progress and engagement levels across all sites.

2.) Latergramme

Latergramme allows content creators and marketers to schedule and modify all Instagram posts. It’s a free application that not only helps businesses to pre-schedule all gram content, but to edit it if necessary as well.

3.) Roojoom

Roojoom will increase customer interaction by providing sign-up forms, call to action buttons, content overlays and more. Rather than just have a simple CTA, Roojoom helps users give their readers a more interactive and ultimately more engaging experience.

4.) Write Rack

Write Rack is an excellent choice for brands and businesses that are avid Twitter users. If your content is often part of a “Tweet Storm”, or mass of tweets, consider using Write Rack to automatically number tweets. This makes it simple for users to post them all at once.

5.) Ritetag

Ritetag is a tool that helps increase click rates and conversion rates. Users are guided through selecting the best images and hashtags, as to gain the most engagement across all social media channels. A good hashtag strategy can be useful, if you know what tags are trending.

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This Facebook post by Volkswagen is a great example of utilizing a unique but simple branded hashtag paired with complimentary visual content. Right off the bat, the picture is eye grabbing and aesthetically pleasing while the text is very simple and straightforward, but also powerful. And Love is a huge universal message, making it easy to reach a wide audience.

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Red Bull won the prestigious “Best Use of A Hashtag” Shorty Award with its #PutACanOnIt campaign. The hashtag was created by Red Bull, and was inspired by a photo the company found on Twitter where a person is seen holding a Red Bull can above a Mini Cooper, making it look like a trademarked Red Bull car. The trend exploded as people around the entire world began creating their own images with Red Bull cans placed in unique positions.

6.) Buffer

Buffer is a great tool for any content marketer and business owner. It’s a comprehensive website that lets users manage all social media activity, across all social media platforms. The website is already used by the likes of NPR and Business Insider, and is an all-around social media guru.

7.) Shared Count

Shared Count tracks how many times a URL has been shared across Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. This allows businesses and brand marketers to discover how well posts are performing, so they can better assess what their audience wants and what works.

8.) Content Idea Generator

To truly gain high social media engagement, social media posts must happen consistently, and on a regular basis. This can be difficult, and forcing creativity is almost impossible. With this tool, content creators can access endless ideas based on your niche and specific keywords entered.

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Nutella found success with this Facebook post. The short but sweet post asked a simple question and allowed people to interact and give their opinion with one simple word. People love to give their opinion on social media. Ask, and you shall receive. The picture is engaging and humorous as well, making it an immediate attention grabber.

9.) AddThis

AddThis allows users to add a social media sharing bar to any website. This bar makes it much easier for people to share content they like with one click. Users can also choose to add a pop-up to a website, which can ultimately increase social media clicks.

10) Pablo

Pablo is an app by Buffer that makes it easy to share images across all social media. Users select from a group of images, easily manipulate the text, and can even add graphics and logos. For content creators who need to draft original and unique images quickly, this can be a daily go-to source.

Learning how to make the most of social media is a constant process. There will always be new trends, technology innovations and new applications. Businesses need to stay on top of what’s happening in their niche and what their target audience responds to.

Do not be discouraged and do not hesitate. Why wait? Jump-start your social media engagement by using the tips and tools listed above and start creating better content today!

This blog post was written by Julie Petersen from Julie is a content marketing specialist and a freelance writer. She is a contributor to such websites as CollectiveEvolution, Addicted2Success,, and more. As the author of AskPetersen reviews blog, she regularly posts helpful articles, guides and samples for students. Check her latest posts about FreshEssays and EssayHave reviews. Contact Julie on Linkedin.

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