5 Predictions for the Future of Clubhouse

5 Predictions for the Future of Clubhouse

Since November of 2020, the new social-audio app Clubhouse has been gaining more and more attention from audiences. Not only has the network garnered over 10M weekly active users and over 1.5M average monthly searches on Google (as of February), competitors have begun taking notice and looking into recreating the experience themselves.

5 Predictions for the Future of Clubhouse

With all that said, is Clubhouse worth all the hype? Will the network live long enough to become a major force in the social space or will it join the graveyard of short-lived social apps? Our team at Ignite Social Media breaks down 5 Clubhouse predictions below.

5 Clubhouse Predictions


Clubhouse is Periscope, but Audio is Video

Clubhouse will not survive, just as Periscope and Meerkat perished despite massive early hype. But just as those two platforms led a trend toward making live video easy and accessible, so will Clubhouse by leading a trend toward making audio an important part of social media. Big networks are already taking steps in this direction that have more resources, reach, and can pivot faster (Facebook and Twitter, specifically).

The Next Ello for a Niche Audience

Clubhouse will go the way of Ello: start off as a platform that everyone rushes to and forgets about except a niche group that the platform pivots towards. Instead of visual artists and designers; however, the app could become a platform for musicians, DJs, and podcasters.

The Next Big Creator Platform

Right now we’re all hearing about how ‘content is king’ – so all hype aside if Clubhouse can attract creators like TikTok did they will amass a strong user base. They may need to drop some of the exclusivity to ensure the reach of the content and get enough creators. Ultimately, the app is a fun, different approach for people who are tired of the short bursts of conversation that dominate right now on Twitter & TikTok, and for that reason, it may be here to stay.

More Meaningful Content to Come

The idea of an interactive “podcast” is appealing to some, particularly when it puts them in the “room” with celebrities. Clubhouse offered that “surprise and delight” when Elon Musk and others joined the fray. If this caliber of celebrity stays involved there could be a continued life for Clubhouse. Especially if Master Classes were offered by these big names.

Exclusive Experiences Will Be Key

Clubhouse will likely do one impressive feat: prove the validity of real-time audio in the social world. From there, the concept will be replicated by other platforms that have more built-in reach and stickiness. While there may be a few who stay because they like being off major platforms and like the air of exclusivity that it can provide, the masses will likely not be swayed to stay on the platform unless it makes some major investments to aiding with the discoverability of content and continues to be fed with exclusive experiences that aren’t found on other platforms.

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One thing is clear from the Clubhouse predictions above, no one knows if Clubhouse is here to stay or not. The only clear concept is that social-audio is about to explode, so get your social media teams thinking about social-audio now and if/how your brand can meaningfully contribute in that space.

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