LinkedIn Elevate & What It Means for Employee Advocacy on Social Media

Recently, LinkedIn announced that they would be merging Company Pages with LinkedIn Elevate, their employee advocacy tool, making it even easier for companies to start engaging their employees on the channel. Before the merger, Elevate was a separate app that had an additional charge. By December 2020, LinkedIn expects to have sunsetted Elevate and have the “core functionality” of Elevate available in Pages for free.

This move by LinkedIn represents the realization that a good portion of engagement on any given company’s LinkedIn content was coming from their employees. To generate more activity on the site in general, it made sense to give company page managers the ability to get employees to interact more easily with their LinkedIn content. LinkedIn already allows admins to send weekly notifications to employees about new posts in the hopes they’ll share and engage; with the addition of Elevate tools, admins will be able to curate and broadcast content to employees to share on the company’s behalf. Elevate also offers a way to tell who your most engaged employees are, which might be helpful in activating certain groups for campaigns.

What does this mean for employee advocacy on social media? Now that LinkedIn is integrating employee advocacy tools into Pages, it won’t be surprising to see Facebook or Twitter attempt to emulate this move if it proves successful. While employee presences on Facebook and Twitter aren’t quite as professional as LinkedIn, they are likely more active and present in higher numbers on these platforms. This may be enough for the channels to present options for admins to encourage content sharing by employees, where companies have previously had to rely on third party tools to do so.

As LinkedIn rolls out Elevate features to Company Pages, be sure to test out some of the functions and see if they are a fit for your company. If you are looking to implement a dynamic employee advocacy program, we here at Ignite can help! Check out our Services here.

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