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BREAKING: New Study on Brands’ Threads Usage Shows Rapid Declines

threads imageAugust 1, 2023: Ignite Social Media today released a groundbreaking study revealing insights into the behavior and performance of 50 leading brand accounts on Threads, Instagram’s latest social network. Launched only three weeks ago, Threads has been a topic of intrigue in the social media marketing community, with brands curious about its potential.

Of the 50 top brands analyzed, six (12%) opted to remain on the sidelines, not posting at all. This left a total of 44 brands actively engaging with their audience on the platform.

Key Findings:

  • Post Frequency: The study hand-captured 1,196 posts from the active 44 brands. A significant 43% of these posts were shared on launch day, indicating an initial enthusiasm among brands. However, there was a noticeable decline in the days following, with an 87% decrease in daily post frequency the rest of the launch week compared to launch day. The next full week saw a further 61% decrease from the first full week.
  • Engagement Patterns: Brands experienced a surge in comment engagement on launch day, accounting for over 12% of total engagements. This trend, however, did not maintain momentum as engagements overall decreased nearly 75% by the third week, and comments accounted for only 7.9% of engagements by then.
  • Benchmarking: Early data suggests that a brand’s Threads follower count is between 3.4% and 7.6% of its Instagram following and an average of 7.8% of its Twitter following.

In the first week, engagement rates averaged 0.3% -1.0%; however, by the second week the average performance had dropped to 0.1% – 0.3%. The highest performing engagement rate in the second week was 1%.

(Note that engagement rate here is calculated as likes + comments/followers as time of collection. Data on link clicks and video views are not available, nor are we able to determine impressions to use that as the denominator.)


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Ignite Social Media’s analysis offers brands a rare glimpse into the potential of Threads as a marketing platform as no analytics infrastructure yet exists. While these are still early days for Threads, understanding initial trends and behaviors can help brands refine their social media strategies and engage effectively with their audience.

Performance and effort varied dramatically among brands. For example, McDonald’s only posted three times during the study period, while Forbes posted 184 times. Despite the volume of effort from Forbes, they collected only 83,700 engagements across all posts, or 455 engagements per post. McDonald’s three posts meanwhile collected an impressive 108,000 engagements, or 36,000 engagements per post.

“Our goal with this study was to equip brands with actionable insights during the initial stages of Threads. The dynamic nature of social media requires brands to stay updated, adapt, and optimize their strategies. With these findings, we hope to guide brands in their Threads journey,” said Jim Tobin, Founder and CEO of Ignite Social Media.

The 44 active brands studied were: McDonald’s, Chewy, Duolingo, Charmin, Taco Bell, Pepsi, Tinder, Amazon Prime, TSA, Xbox, Starbucks, FedEx, Netflix, Skittles, Spotify, Ben & Jerry’s, Oreo, Denny’s, Target, NatGeo, Google, YouTube, Walmart, Marvel, Sports Center, ColourPop Cosmetics, JetBlue, PlayStation, GoPro, General Electric, ESPN, Vans, MLB, Fashion Nova, Amazon, NBA, Samsung US, Adidas, Old Navy, Nike, Sephora, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Victoria’s Secret.

Watch below as three of our team discuss the study in detail.

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