Quick Take: Should Brands Get On Threads, the New Twitter Clone from Instagram?

As you can imagine, the first 24 hours of Instagram launching Threads have been nothing short of eventful. As of this morning, Mark Zuckerberg announced that 30 million users have already signed up for the mobile-based app, signaling this platform should be seriously considered.

Given it’s so new, our team has been discussing it internally. We’ve created this video discussing our initial reactions on the implication for brands.

A brands natural question is “what should we do”. First, our team has noticed a few trends we wanted you to be aware of:
  • Sources have said that part of the launch plan for Threads was to have creators and brands ready to go on the platform. Part of what is making the platform so successful early on is this strategy, which has caused others to follow quickly and start posting. Most of these initial posts appear to be community-driven short-form content introducing the brand creatively to the platform.
  • Of brands posting frequently, and because of the opportunity Threads has to “port over” Instagram followers, there is actually engagement on these posts. While most comments feel lighthearted and positive, we know it’s only a matter of time before reactive engagement on this channel will be a necessity. Brands need to not only consider what content to post, but that this channel will require community management.
  • There are a few differences still between Twitter and Threads. Currently, there is no functionality to direct message, there are no hashtags, and discovery is purely through those you follow and an algorithm of who you’d like to follow. Given the app is so new, these features may roll out gradually, but it means that Threads isn’t a complete Twitter clone. Also, be aware that audiences on Threads will mirror Instagram followers at first, so an audience and content strategy will need to be considered. For instance, if you have different audiences on Twitter than Instagram, the content strategy may need to adjust based on this.
So What Should Your Brand Do?
  • Initial low-hanging fruit is to claim your profile. A Threads handle that matches your current Instagram handle is automatically reserved. Given it will use your same Instagram handle, this is a fairly easy move to make.
  • We understand many brands have chosen to do a clever introduction post on the platform, to initially engage with followers. At this point, the overall value of this is highly subjective. We are seeing brands that have real-time content approvals already part of their strategy or internal content creators (think Wendy’s or Netflix) are using this strategy on Threads.
  • Due to the fact Threads are currently organic-only, there may be opportunities for your team to repurpose and syndicate content on this channel in the future. However, given the platform is rapidly evolving, we know you’ll need to balance the time, effort, and approach needed.

We will be continuing to observe the platform in the coming weeks past the initial launch to help inform overarching audience and content strategies. 

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