Top 6 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2023  

Social media is constantly evolving. 2023 will be no different as brands need to stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant.  

Of course, brands need to have a social media presence — but it’s not enough to just be present. To stand out in a sea of content, brands need to produce quality content that’s engaging, informative, relevant, and, most importantly, timely.  

As the original social media agency, we’ve watched trends come and go, and we have a pretty good idea of what’s going to be big in 2023. Here are the top 6 social media trends to expect in 2023. 

Social Media Trends to Expect is bite-size videos
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1) Popularity of bite-size videos. 

In a world where people have shorter attention spans than ever, it’s no surprise that bite-size videos are on the rise. These videos are usually well under 60 seconds and are perfect for social media consumption. Brands should consider producing more bite-size videos in order to appeal to the shorter attention spans of their target audiences. 

While social media platforms have been trying to capitalize on the popularity of bite-size videos for a few years now, it seems that 2023 will be the year that these videos really take off. For brands, bite-size videos offer a way to connect with audiences in a short, attention-grabbing way.  

For content creators, they provide an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and formats. And social media users, they’re simply more enjoyable to consume than longer-form content. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information, it’s no wonder that bite-size videos are growing in popularity.  

2) TikTok will continue to skyrocket.  

In 2023, TikTok is expected to continue its rapid growth and become even more popular than it is today. The app has been downloaded over 2 billion times and is available in 150 markets.  

Anybody who watches people from younger generations will understand this statistic. TikTok has taken Generation Z by storm in the past year, with its short-form, often funny videos. In 2023, we see that this trend is only going to continue. In fact, TikTok may pass Instagram in popularity in 2023. 

For brands, this presents a unique opportunity to connect with young audiences in a way that’s authentic and genuine. They can show their creative side. While some brands have been aggressive to adopt TikTok, we expect that in 2023 brands will be more strategic in their use of the platform, using it to achieve specific business objectives.  

3) AI will take off.   

We have seen the power of AI in social media in the past year, with the introduction of features like Facebook’s automatic captioning and Instagram’s (still learning) ability to filter out offensive comments. In 2023, we believe that AI will become even more prevalent in social media, as platforms look for ways to automate content moderation and improve the user experience. But brands will begin to use AI in content creation as well.  

One example is AI voiceovers for videos. Look for brands to start using it to add a human touch to videos without the need for expensive voice actors. Or perhaps, no more writer’s block as now AI can help create content for you. Simply put, AI can help make your social media marketing more efficient and cost-effective and that will become more prevalent in the next year. 

4) Micro-influencers gaining more traction. 

Social Media Trends to Expect is influencers
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Influencers with a smaller follower count but high engagement rates (i.e., micro-influencers) are expected to gain more traction in 2023, as brands look for more cost-effective and authentic ways to reach their target audiences.  

Micro-influencers often have more engaged and dedicated followers, who trust their recommendations. This makes them more effective at driving sales and awareness for brands.  

In 2023, we believe that more brands will start to use micro-influencers as part of their marketing mix, as they look for ways to cut through the noise and reach their target audiences in a more authentic way. 

5) Increased focus on user experience. 

In 2023, we believe that there will be an increased focus on user experience. As social media platforms look for ways to improve user interactions, this means giving the spotlight on interactive content. 

User experience is also important when it comes to advertising. In 2023, we expect to see more social media platforms roll out features that give users more control over the ads they see. Such as the ability to hide or flag ads that are irrelevant or intrusive. 

For brands, this means that they need to put more emphasis on creating a positive user experience. Both in terms of the content they create and the way they deliver their ads. 

6) Meta continues to chase trends.  

Do you often find yourself getting lost in Meta’s overwhelming updates and algorithm changes? 

While some social media platforms have been able to stay ahead of the curve (Facebook, Instagram), others have been playing catch-up (Twitter, Snapchat) — and now TikTok’s becoming a threat. In 2023, we believe that Meta will continue to chase trends started on other platforms, as new platforms emerge and existing ones evolve. Or because TikTok, as we have said, will continue to skyrocket. 

It’s interesting that Facebook and Instagram are giving up their big advantage in the market to chase after smaller channels. It seems like they’re trying desperately not just for the sake of it, but because there is some fear among users that other companies might catch up with them eventually if things don’t change soon enough — which could very well happen given how fast technology moves these days. 

In 2023, we think Meta would be wise to focus on their unique competitive advantage. No brand has better mapped the social graph. Throwing that away to chase TikTok fees like a huge mistake. 

Final Thoughts 

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and 2023 is sure to be no different. These are just a few of the trends that we believe will shape the social media landscape in the next year.  

Which ones did you see coming? And which ones surprised you? Well, let’s wait and see, there are only 4 months left before 2023.  

Interested in refining your social media strategy for 2023? Contact us to see if we can help.  

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