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Organic Reach for Brand Pages Down 30% in January | Social You Should Know

Facebook Reach Down 30% and Engaged Users Up 30% in January compared to November

We’ve updated our research from early December that showed an average 44% drop in organic Facebook brand Page reach. Our December research included data on organic reach for 21 brand Pages that was collected over the course of nine days. Our latest research looks at the same brand Pages and includes data from all of November, comparing it first with all of December, and then comparing it again with the full month of January. We found that organic reach declined 30% in January compared to November, 2013. A 30% decline is better than a 44% decline, but that’s still pretty poor. The good news for brands is that as Facebook shows your content to fewer people, some brand pages are seeing solid growth in their total number of engaged users. It looks like Facebook’s branded content and engagement play may be working.

Test Suggests Facebook’s New Call-to-Action Buttons may be killing the Momentum Effect

One regular Facebook advertiser, Electronic Merchant Systems, decided to test Facebook’s new call-to-action buttons, which debuted in February. Their team ran three ads with identical imagery and copy, each for 48-hours and to the same target demographic, the only difference being a call to action button added to the 2nd and 3rd ads. The primary measurement the team used was cost per lead conversion and they found that while the difference wasn’t vast, using a call to action button on the ads increased the cost per conversion by $2.10 and $4.40 on the 2nd and 3rd ads, respectively. Brands on Facebook have found success in part because their updates often fit naturally into the News Feed. So, it’s possible that by adding these call-to-action buttons to Facebook ads, advertisers are cannibalizing their efforts and killing that one-to-one connection with a consumer, and it’s that connection that powers social media. Jim calls this the Momentum Effect in his book.

Apple Makes Its Social Media Debut on Tumblr

You may have seen that Apple launched its first social presence on Tumblr. The content is everything you’d expect from Apple, highly creative and product-centric. Why Tumblr? The Tumblr platform provides the perfect content aggregation platform enabling content to easily flow between users on the network and beyond. Brands can use content aggregation as a hub and spoke system to engage consumers across social platforms expanding the reach and efficiency of their engagement efforts.

Finally, another cool tool to hit the web this week is Flawk can help social media marketers run a Twitter Q/A in real time. The design looks like it’s targeted to tweens, but it’s a big improvement to trying to host a chat through a busy feed.

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