Day In The Life of a Social Media Marketing Intern

“So you’re the new intern? Great! Can you get me some coffee?”


I bet any amount of money that when you hear “intern” that is the first thing that comes to mind. That, or you think of The Intern (a fantastic movie in my opinion). But shockingly, being an intern here at Ignite is more than just preparing coffee. Today I am going to take you on an adventure in the daily life of a social media marketing intern, which is never a boring day at a fast paced advertising agency like Ignite Social Media.


So who is “The Intern”?

Again, not referring to Ben Whittaker, but rather me. My name is Justin, Mebane native surviving in the big city of Raleigh NC. I recently graduated from NC State University. GO WOLFPACK!

But Justin, why are you in an internship after graduating college?

Well, like many, my job search after college did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. After sending out hundreds of applications I realized that I was lacking two things, a clear understanding of what I wanted to do and a lack of relevant experience. Thus I searched for internships and stumbled across Ignite, the original social media agency! It was easy to see that Ignite would be the best place to learn as much as I could about social media marketing from experts in the field.


So what do you do as an intern?

You know, like many internships, there is not a set schedule of things to do. You don’t have a set job description detailing your role or a performance checklist detailing your required responsibilities. Instead, you are constantly thrown into projects that are designed to test your current abilities and teach you valuable skills to grow professionally.


I start my day off by wishing those around me good morning while I wait for my laptop to fire up. Once powered up and connected, I open up my email and Wrike (Ignite’s project management software) to see what I have to get done today, and yes, there are usually lots of new emails and tasks assigned that I don’t remember seeing the day before. With the fast paced environment of Ignite and the many projects with ranging due dates, Wrike is a great way to keep up with the excitement. I like to take a few minutes every morning to look at what projects are top priority and prioritize my work load to get them done. Staying organized is key to succeeding in the frenzy of social media marketing.

After I have refreshed myself with the day’s work, I communicate with those who have assigned me projects to gather information on what they need and ask questions. After all, I am still just an intern and learning the ropes. Then its time to tackle these projects, which can range from performing market research to preparing PowerPoint presentations and even plugging in data for analytical reports that will ultimately be presented to our clients. Once or twice a week I also have to schedule content for various social media channels so that content gets posted on time. The projects can vary greatly but it gives me an excellent snapshot of all the aspects of working at a social media agency.

In-between projects and tasks I take a lunch break where I socialize with fellow co-workers in other departments and learn more about Ignite as a whole. In my downtime when I’m not working on an assignment or responding to emails, I scroll through social media and marketing news channels to learn the latest trends and happenings in the world of social. After all, you have to be #AlwaysLearning to stay in tip-top shape in social.

Once I have wrapped up my final assignment or task, I shut down my computer and clean up my workspace, say goodbye to those around me, and head home for a night of video games and relaxing. That’s a quick summary of all that I do as a social media intern at Ignite.


Tips to Fellow Interns:

  1. If you have just graduated but still need more experience or need time to discover yourself, internships are a great opportunity.
  2. Organization is Key – Staying organized, in any job, it is important and can lead to a less stressful work day. Planning out tasks and prioritizing efficiently are great skills to learn.
  3. #ButtonedUp – This phrase comes from Ignite’s own core values and is really valuable. It means that the details, no matter how small, are important. Always pay close attention to the details of any task or project you are working on and make sure everything is air tight when you pass it along.
  4. NETWORK – There is a reason this is in all caps. It’s just that important. The people you talk to in the office, at the end of the day, will be your strongest supporters as you move forward professionally. They will be the ones who understand your work ethic and knowledge, and will be your best contacts to vouch for you. And sometimes those contacts you have met may forward you onto your next opportunity through their own networks.

I do hope that this blog has proven insightful to all you fellow college students and recent grads looking for internships. Remember to put your best foot forward in any job, you never know what will happen from it or who you will meet. And lastly, keep an eye on the Ignite Social Media Careers Page if you’re interested in an internship as well.

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