In The Eye of the Beholder: 11 Fantastic Eyewear Brands on Instagram

What used to be a symbol of poor eyesight and nerdom has now become a fashionable accessory and status symbol. And showing off your specs via social media is de rigueur. Brands have gotten in on the action as well. Here are 11 fantastic eyewear brands on Instagram:

Eyewear Brands on Instagram


Coastal has made its name by providing designer eyewear online at a low cost. The company also famously offer your first pair completely free. As far as its Instagram account is concerned, Coastal has an excellent feel for the social space. The handle frequently posts photos of attractive models wearing a variety of eyewear and also incorporates fashion bloggers such as Alanna Durkovich. Using influencers in this manner is a superb way of aligning the brand with a fashion-forward image and of accessing a new fan base.

David Kind

David Kind offers a high-end experience to the online eyewear purchasing public. Although fairly young to the Instagram game, the luxury eyewear provider shows a real savvy when it comes to the medium. The handle does a fantastic job of demonstrating a consistent tone, one that focuses on an attention to detail and inspiration from great design, such as the contemporary architecture of R.M. Schindler.

Maui Jim

Although many brands of sunglasses are worn in tropical settings, Maui Jim is the only one on this list that makes sunsets, palm trees, and beaches a core part of its identity. And that theme shines through on its Instagram account. Every picture incorporates something tropical, even the product shots. Having a consistent look is an important piece of any good content strategy. That way, when users are scrolling through their feed, they immediately know which brand of sunglasses they’re looking at. And even if the product is not in the picture, the brand is still making its presence known with beautiful imagery.

Native Eyewear

“For lives that are too amazing to be seen through an ordinary lens.” That is the slogan of Native Eyewear and it is evident on Instagram. Native is another company where the lifestyles of its customers are just as important as the product. You’re just as likely to see a beautiful mountain range as you are to see a mountain biker wearing Native sunglasses, and it all scores well with the brand’s audience.


Oakley is definitely the sportiest of this bunch. Photos feature a huge variety of prominent athletes. From golf to snowboarding to baseball, a large swathe of the athletic world is represented by this eyewear brand. However, even though Oakley sponsors some impressive names, the product shots still perform the best.

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Though it was founded in the 1930s, Ray-Ban is anything but outdated. From US presidents to tattoo-covered skaters, the brand’s classic styling has permeated just about every fashion subculture. There are plenty of lifestyle photographs, but Ray-Ban knows how its Instabread gets buttered, and that’s with close-up shots of sunglasses. There are plenty, especially whenever a new style is released, and they all perform well.

Shwood Eyewear

Shwood, a Portland-based company that handcrafts its products, is very… Portland. The Instagram handle evokes a hipster-nature-craftsmen-minimalist vibe, which sounds like it could be overbearing; however, Shwood does it so effortlessly, that it’s nothing but impressive. It’s like hearing about a guy who likes to wear wooden sunglasses and you think, “There’s no way he can pull those off.” And then you see him in person with his flawless five o’clock shadow and his confidence and you think, “Oh, that totally works.” That basically sums up the Shwood Instagram account.


You can’t purchase supperclub™ eyewear yet. The brand is launching its products later this year. In the meantime, it’s drumming up interest with social media. With a heavy dose of leather, scantily clad women and black and white photography, the handle exudes a sexy, edgy vibe. From the copy to the imagery, you get a feeling the brand knows it’s badass.

I love the idea of marketing before a product is available to consumers, especially with a network like Instagram. All the brand has to do right now is get people to buy an attitude. Once it accomplishes that, selling their sunglasses will be much easier.

Vasuma Eyewear

Vasuma was founded by three Swedes and you can tell. The Instagram account has a very minimal, Scandinavian vibe. And at the same time, of all of the brands on this list, Vasuma has the most personal feel to it. The account appears to be run by the founders themselves and images feature them working at Vasuma offices, conducting meetings, and just enjoying life in general (all while wearing the product of course).

Vogue Eyewear

Not to be confused with the magazine, Vogue Eyewear is an eye and sunglasses brand for women. Replete with pictures of flowers, nail polish, and fashionable women, the Instagram account has a clean, idyllic, almost Pinterest-y feel to it. The brand also does a great job of celebrating their fans and incorporating pictures of Instagram influencers wearing Vogue Eyewear. 

Warby Parker

In addition to having interesting, varied content and excellent photography, Warby Parker has a consistent visual style. Many of the photos feature muted tones which give the Instagram account an old-school, vintage feel. Warby Parker also does a superb job of generating conversation with their posts, which is much more rare to see on this platform. Asking followers to say which style they prefer generated a ton of comments. It also ties nicely into their home try-on service, which encourages customers to take pictures of them wearing the different glasses and asking their friends for advice using social networks.

What Separates Great Brands on Instagram

At the end of the day, what makes a brand stand out on Instagram? The answer is simple: they understand what Instagram is about. It’s not about shilling your product, it’s about giving users something nice to look at when they’re scrolling through their feed. If you can organically incorporate the product into your content while keeping that in mind, success should follow.

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