Will Snap Kit Save Snapchat?

Snapchat was all the rage back when it was first created, but now other social media apps are jumping into the scene, mimicking some of Snapchat’s fun features and leaving the once-popular app in the dust. Now that Instagram and Facebook are encouraging users to try their “Stories” options, it seems Snapchat has fallen by the wayside. However, Snapchat has been making some changes to help bring back the popularity. In June, Snapchat introduced a new feature called Snap Kit, in an effort to link Snapchat with other apps and bring Snapchat back into the light.

What is Snap Kit?

On June 14, Snap Inc. introduced Snap Kit as a way to “help developers build products powered by some of the best parts of Snapchat.” The social media platform explained that Snap Kit will help bring the things users love about Snapchat into the other apps they use. Tinder, Pandora, Postmates, Eventbrite and Giphy are among the apps that have already jumped on board and integrated with Snap Kit.

With privacy topping the priorities list for some, the security features are an added bonus. Snap Kit shares minimal data, displaying only user names and Bitmojis when logged in. Snap Kit will not share any friends’ data when logging in and will also automatically disconnect from the apps after 90 days of inactivity.

In addition to the security features, Snap Kit includes four kits; Creative, Login, Bitmoji and Story.

Snapchat Snap Kit

Snap Kit’s 4 Kits

Creative Kit:

The Creative Kit allows developers to integrate fun features like, stickers, filters and links into Snapchat’s camera. The Creative Kit will let users share their high scores, stats, even playlists, from other apps with their fellow Snapchatters. I think the Creative Kit is probably the most enticing. People love sharing their accomplishments and interests with others, so being able to share them through Snapchat could gain this new feature some popularity.

Login Kit:

Now users can link their snapchat with other apps using the Login Kit. This kit also integrates Bitmojis and will use the avatar when logging in. As a Snapchatter myself, I like the sound of this because I hate when apps ask to upload an image. Having my Bitmoji avatar readily available is definitely a bonus. Another perk of the Login Kit, is that it can also be used as a temporary login that is secure and doesn’t track activity. This is a big perk, making the user experience smoother, since it would be one less password they would have to remember.

Bitmoji Kit:

This is probably my favorite kit, (and it pretty much speaks for itself!) I love my little Bitmoji and I’m a bit of a nerd for this kind of thing, so being able to use it in other apps has me jumping on board. With the Bitmoji Kit, users can use Bitmojis to express themselves throughout any app – who doesn’t love the sound of that?

Story Kit:

Finally, there is the Story Kit – and this one is pretty cool, too. With the Story Kit, developers can embed public Snapchat stories on their own platform. This is a cool way to reach out to more Snapchatters a build your community. With the Story Kit, developers can search Public Stories by time and location, among other options, to keep up with what their users are doing.

Will Snap Kit Save Snap Chat?

I can’t lie, some of these kits seem pretty cool and sound like a great way to bring Snapchat back. While I’m not sure that it will necessarily save Snapchat, I think it’ll keep it above water. I am still one of the few, it seems, that uses Snapchat on a regular basis. I have my friend groups and my family groups that I love being able to keep in touch with through the app. By adding Snap Kit and really upping the Snapchat game, I think it will give more people the incentive to pick up their phones and start snapping again. Being able to use things people love, like Bitmojis and having the ability to share their high scores and accomplishments, I think Snap Kit could help revitalize the app.

The social media world is constantly changing and apps will come and go. Snapchat has a chance to survive with the help of Snap Kit – only time will tell!

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