What’s New On Snapchat: Recent Releases and Features to Consider in 2020

Have you wondered if your brand should be marketing on Snapchat? With 80.2 million users in the US alone, the app saw its highest usage to date, globally. According to eMarketer, Snapchat usage is predicted to increase over the next few years. Given these stats, Snapchat may be a good channel for your brand to investigate. Below, we have outlined what you need to know about the latest Snapchat features and considerations for next year. 

New Snapchat Features

The app recently released their newest feature, Cameo. Cameo allows users to create short, looping videos users can send to their friends. There is the option to customize the captions to make the videos their own and there will be 150 Cameos to choose from. At this time, there are no branding opportunities, but knowing Snapchat, it’ll be available soon. In the meantime, brands can create augmented reality lenses and filters.

Snapchat features

Snapchat Targeting Capabilities

Snapchat’s large audience allows for extremely detailed targeting. The platform has an average daily reach of 210 million people. This is another reason why brands should consider advertising on Snapchat in 2020. If you’re looking to reach Millennials and Gen Z, this channel is one of the best ways to reach these generations. Based on the campaign your brand is running, Snapchat has a large selection of ad formats and objectives to help hit your target goals. These include website visits, store visits and app installs. The updated location ads and Snapchat’s effectiveness could be great for your brand. 

Learn more about Snapchat Location ads here.

Snapchat is constantly working to create new features that appeal to it’s users. It’s clear that in 2019 they were successful and are on track to have a similar outcome in 2020.  Interested in using Snapchat for your brand and working with a Snapchat Certified Partner, contact us

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