Are Snapchat Stories Still Relevant?

Since Snapchat launched six years ago, a lot has changed and not just with app updates. At first it seemed like an app just to send goofy photos back and forth to family members. It evolved into something more that inspired creativity and Snapchat influencers were born who shared their content via stories. Then Instagram Stories launched, which brought about the initial question of how long Snapchat would last. If I had to answer if it as still relevant within two seconds of being asked, without any research, I would respond with a confident “Yes”. My reasoning? Simply that my family and some friends still use it, I like the newly added maps feature AND I feel like Instagram Stories are too much work to craft.

My opinion however does not reflect everyone’s opinion, although I’d like to think it does most of the time. So instead of just assuming that I’m correct based solely on my personal opinion, we’ll delve into the opinions of many with some statistics.

From a recent comScore study in June of this year, they found that users between the ages of 18-24 that Snapchat was third on the list of apps they utilize the most. Above that, YouTube and Facebook whereas Instagram comes in at number five. It notes that younger millennials spend approximately 40 minutes a day on SnapChat and which is quite a deal considering individual snaps only last 10 seconds.

However, when asked what top three apps users among the ages of 18-34 couldn’t live without, they didn’t even make the list.

Still, based upon other surveys, Snapchat is gaining ground against it’s rivals. In a study conducted by Piper Jaffray, they found that 47% of teens stated that Snapchat is their go-to app where as Instagram only garnered 24%.

While still popular with teens, they aren’t forgetting about the older users and brands. Announced on October 10th, Snapchat is rolling out what they call “Context Cards”. Now while within the app users can swipe up to get a physical address or information on a business from a snap that was sent. The feature will work with individual snaps sent by friends as well as within Snap Maps. Not only does it tell you the address of the business but can also include menus, reviews, how to make a reservation and even the option to book a ride.

Had Context Cards existed last year, these lovely (and yummy treats) could have been easier to find then snapping back asking where they were from.

 Now that I’ve delved into some stats on the initial question of whether or not Snapchat is still relevant, I’m sticking with my original answer. Yes, Snapchat is still relevant amongst users and brands. Personally, I’m excited to use the Context Cards and see how they compare to Instagram when a friend shares the meal they’re having and I want more information.  Questions on whether or not your brand should hop onto the Context Card train, reach out to us, we’d love to help!

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