5 Easy Steps to Create Your Snapchat Strategy

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With Snapchat being one of the most recently established social networks in the game, brands are quickly jumping on the bandwagon to create bite-size pieces of content.

Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users and around 400 million snaps are sent every single day. With 71% of these users falling in the 18-34 range, Snapchat has become a staple when it comes to fresh and relevant social media marketing. So if you’re looking to build a Snapchat strategy, here are 5 steps to get you started.

1.) Give your Audience the VIP Treatment

They want to be backstage with you, feeling the vibe of a concert, the allure of a fashion show, or even imagining the smell of sweat on the court! Give it to them. Snapchat still has the luxury of allowing for “imperfect” content. Since it’s unedited and spur of the moment, you’re able to create content that is truly behind-the-scenes.


2.) Perk It Up

If you need to grow your audience on Snapchat, give your current social following a reason to follow you on Snapchat. If you simply copy and paste the same content from other channels like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, you’re giving your followers a Groundhog Day experience. No one wants that. Add perks, promotions, and other exclusive features that only Snapchat followers are privy to. You can do so by sharing specific discount codes in your story or asking fans to take screenshots to win or vote.



3.) Feature Fans

Now that Snapchat allows for uploads from your camera roll, why not engage followers from other channels and give them a reason to follow you on this new platform? Announce your intentions to feature loyal Twitter followers on Snapchat based on a specific hashtag or action. The extra incentive will help encourage these followers to join your Snapchat audience, and if they are featured, they might even encourage their friends to follow to see their 15 minutes of fame! Benefit Cosmetics does a fantastic job of featuring their favorite “benebrows” from Instagram on their Snapchat account.



4.) Say It Once, Say It Twice, Say It 10 Times

In the Snapchat UX, users are not able to find accounts to follow as easily as other channels. Unless they know the exact username or Snapcode, it becomes virtually impossible for a follower to find your brand. So promote your username on your website, other social platforms, and even traditional media. Some brands have even created influencer programs around Snapchat. Sour Patch Kids used Vine star Logan Paul to promote the brand’s Snapchat channel.


5.) Consistency (And Visibility) is Key

A single daily Snapchat isn’t enough anymore. With the Snap Story average number of seconds and average number of accounts users follow increasing, staying at the top of the list is crucial for visibility. Make sure you post a few snaps – creating a nice combination of photo and video content – at least a couple of times a day.


And there you have it! This Snapchat strategy check list should get your brand off the ground quickly. For advanced users, we also recommend a higher level of engagement. Perhaps as a special Q&A activation, open up your chat capabilities and wait for questions and comments to arrive – just don’t be surprised if the occasional unsolicited nude is mixed in. After all, it is Snapchat.

If you have any questions about strategies, Snapchat or otherwise, let us know.

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