Using Your Budget to Drive Sales on Facebook and Instagram

Using Your Budget to Drive Sales on Facebook and Instagram

With so many objectives available on Facebook and Instagram, it’s important to know which ones are best—and most efficient—at driving sales. Here are two key objectives you should be spending your media dollars on.


Website Conversions 

Of all of the objectives, this is my personal favorite. Since switching from traffic campaigns, we’ve seen increased efficiency in conversions across multiple brands. Unlike traffic campaigns, website conversion campaigns let you optimize in favor of people who take desired actions on your website such as, adding to cart, initiating checkout and purchasing. To run a website conversion campaign, you’ll need to implement the Facebook pixel and standard or custom events to your website. To learn more on how to implement the pixel and events, visit the Facebook pixel implementation guide. Once you have the pixel and events implemented, you can create your campaign and optimize for a specific action. Optimizing this way will ensure you’re not wasting your media dollars on users who are not likely to purchase.

Catalog Sales   

This objective lets you drive sales by automatically promoting to users who have expressed an interest in your business. With help from the Facebook pixel, you’re able to reach the right people by tracking which products they’ve viewed, added to their carts or purchased. Similar to website conversions, catalog sales enable you to optimize for a conversion event, which will deliver your ads to people more likely to take an action when they see your dynamic ad. These ad units automatically use images and details from your product feed, like a mini personalized catalog. This is a data file that contains details like name, availability, and pricing for the products you would like to advertise. For maximum exposure of your products, use a carousel format to display multiple related items the user may be interested in.

Now that you know two key objectives for driving sales, check out “3 Paid Media Targeting Options to Drive Sales on Facebook” to learn about further garnering sales from your audience.

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