How to Use Your Product Catalog to Drive Online Purchases

With the number of digital shoppers in the US expected to reach 221 million next year, it’s important to find smart ways to remove barriers to purchasing. Facebook has made this doable with its product catalog feature, a container that stores all of your product information for display in personalized ads that let users start the purchase process on your social channel. With the product catalog, you can use multiple ad types and formats on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network. Here’s how you can use the product catalog to drive social purchasing.

Dynamic Ads:

The product catalog lets you showcase your products in single or multiple ads to users who have visited your website or app—in other words, people who have already shown an interest in your business. This is made possible by the Facebook pixel or SDK. The result is like a mini personalized catalog in the form of dynamic ads that automatically use images and details from your product feed. This is a file that contains product information such as ID name, category, and availability. The text, headline, and News Feed link descriptions can be made static or dynamic with the following fields: name, brand, description, short description, price, and current price.

Available under the product catalog sales objective, you’ll be able to optimize for a specific conversion event, which will deliver your ads to people more likely to take an action when they see your dynamic ad.

Facebook Collection:

This ad unit displays relevant products below a video, image, or slideshow on Facebook. Users can tap on the ad to browse additional products (up to 50) and learn more about your products on your website.

The Facebook Collection can be used with a conversion or traffic objective. For maximum cost-efficiency, choose the website conversion objective to optimize for a specific action such as adding to cart, initiating checkout and purchasing. In order to use this objective, you’ll need to implement the Facebook pixel or SDK on your website or app.

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