Three Paid Media Habits to Ditch in 2018

A new year means a chance to rethink your approach to social media campaigns. Hit “refresh” on your media buying technique by leaving these habits in the past, and look forward to better-performing social campaigns.

Traffic Campaigns

Cut down on reaching clickly users who may not be interested in taking further action on your site by switching from a traffic to a website conversion campaign. You’ll reach users who are more likely to take specific actions on your site such as adding to cart or initiating checkout. By reaching more qualified users, you’ll create cost efficiency since you won’t be wasting your media dollars on users who are not likely to take action on your site. To run a conversion campaign, you’ll need to add the Facebook pixel and standard or custom events to your website. Learn more on how to implement the pixel and events on your site by visiting the Facebook pixel implementation guide. Once added, you’ll be able to start creating your conversion campaign.

Targeting Too Broadly

Using a broad audience might be quick and easy, but it means you’re paying to reach more users than you need to, many of whom won’t find your content relevant. Instead of targeting Adults 18+, use demographic, behavior, interest, custom, and lookalike targeting to reach users who are more likely to be interested in your business. Not sure if your audience is too broad? Facebook makes it easy to gauge your potential reach with the “Audience Definition” tool which measures your audience from specific to broad.

Additionally, support your campaign with multiple targets to reach new users and allow for optimization between the targets because you’ll be able to shift your budget toward the most efficient targets. Make sure not to use too many targets, where you’ll run the risk of audience fatigue by reaching the same users multiple times.

To learn more on custom and lookalike audiences, check out Three Paid Media Targeting Options to Drive Sales on Facebook.

Same Ad Formats

Break your routine—and get noticed—by testing different ad formats. With so many ad formats available and new ones constantly being rolled out, it’s easy to include different formats in the mix. By testing different ad formats, you’ll be able to learn about what works and what doesn’t. With these insights, you’ll be able to improve the performance of your campaign.

What media buying habits are you ditching in 2018? Tell us in the comments!

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