What You Need to Know About Instagram Shopping and IGTV Monetization in 2020

As online retail grows, shoppers are looking for additional ways to get the products they want. We know that Instagram Shopping has significantly grown over the last year, from buying from the brand’s site to now checking out directly on the platform. But what about IGTV? IGTV itself has struggled to get off the ground, so will ads help? Below outlines all you’ll need to know about the future of Instagram Shopping and IGTV monetization. 

With Facebook’s various monetization methods already in play, it would only make sense for them to take these abilities to their other family of apps. As mentioned, we’ve seen the shopping feature on Instagram become more and more popular which has allowed brands to generate more revenue. The convenience of having a ‘Shop’ feed directly on a brand’s profile or on the ‘Explore’ tab makes Instagram Shopping that much more user-friendly. In 2020, we’ll continue to see brands find ways to sell products whether that’s through influencers, user-generated content or co-branded content partnerships. 

About a month ago, Instagram announced the impending monetization of IGTV through a Partner Program. This IGTV Partner Program will allow influencers to run ads on their videos. This update to IGTV may be exactly what the platform needs to build up momentum. If creators have potential to make additional money off Instagram, more than just sponsored posts, who wouldn’t want to jump on the bandwagon? Luckily, since the influencers are already creating videos, they just have ensure they’re optimized for IGTV and they’ll be set. There is no set roll-out schedule for the IGTV Partner Program, but we’ll keep an eye out for the release. 

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