5 Brands Successfully Using IGTV

Since its launch last summer, Instagram TV (IGTV) has been slow to start; however, some brands are committed to using the platform for long-form video. Even with the lack of enthusiasm for IGTV, videos are still being added daily. Users now have the option to share content directly to the feed to get more reach, which can be useful for some brands. Though IGTV seems to be a hard sell at times, there are a handful of brands using the platform successfully, setting their content apart from the competition.

  1. The Olympic Games: With 2.2 million followers, The Olympic Games have a large audience to share their content with. The Olympic Games has created video that aligns with their brand message, which inspires, motivates, and shows off the best of the best. They feature stories of past Olympians that relive incredible and unforgettable moments from the games and send top athletes birthday messages by producing videos that show their skills. Though the videos aren’t perfectly optimized for IGTV, The Olympic Games account is seamlessly using the platform as an extension of their Instagram page.
  2. Altar’d State: Our client, Altar’d State, recently began to use IGTV in a way that truly aligns with their fashion and positive brand message. They began to create time-lapse try-on videos so that their 230,000+ followers could see how to create cute looks with their apparel and accessories. Additionally, Altar’d State uses their buying team’s knowledge of products to develop content related to the seasons and latest trends. The creative team comes up with content that is timely by publishing videos leading up to holidays, such as Easter and Mother’s Day, to ensure that their customers are dressed their best during those special times. 
  3. Fenty Beauty: When Rihanna announced that she was launching an all-inclusive makeup company, the brand had instant popularity and recognition. Fenty Beauty’s Instagram page is filled with eye-catching images of models and Fenty users, showing off their most glamorous looks. The brand has taken advantage of IGTV by using it as an extension of their Instagram page. The success of the videos is evident because they’ve gained millions of views on just about every post. The brand uses IGTV to share makeup tutorials, many that are timely for holidays and festivals. The IGTV channel also shows off the products by giving users a first look at new items before they hit the shelves. Rihanna herself also creates content for the channel by creating makeup looks with the product.  
  4. Thrillist: Thrillist, the online destination for all things food, travel, and entertainment, gains views by sharing videos on IGTV that are thumb-stopping. Thrillist posts content consistently and has developed a series called ‘Fork Yeah’ that features restaurants all around the world. There was a brief time when they were adding videos of their team discussing movies and TV, but they have tapered off because the company likely realized that their strengths lie in videos that feature food and travel. Their upbeat and entertaining videos make their audience want to come back for more to see which destinations they will feature next. 
  5. MTV: When MTV changed the way we listen to music, it was revolutionary. Since then, the network has evolved into a destination for reality TV, celebrity news, and pop culture. MTV took to Instagram to reach its young audience and develop content that is resonating so much they’re winning awards! Recently, MTV won an award for best use of IGTV for the series ’60-Second Draw’. In addition to this award-winning series, MTV shares videos that show the history of celebrities and musicians and their rises to stardom along with short performances by artists who’ve recently released albums and interviews with some their most popular personalities. MTV continues to change the way we absorb content and has transitioned into using this new platform in the best way.

Creating long-form video content and using IGTV doesn’t make sense for all brands, but it could work for yours. Before giving IGTV a try, explore the above brand pages to get inspired. If the strategic plan for your brand is to only live on Instagram, consider using IGTV to refresh the content you offer. Ultimately, be sure to read up on Instagram’s best practices from the Ignite blog to help grow your social presence and following. 

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