Top 6 Food Influencers to follow in 2017

The world of food influencers continues to grow and as we continue on with 2017, we thought it was time to provide some of our favorites to follow.  We are always looking for content creators to partner with to create stunning and unique recipes, as it can help build awareness of the versatility for a lot of brands.  It’s one of my favorite thing to do,  unless of course it’s right before lunch time. If you recall, in the past we provided a list of 100 women bloggers, this time we’ll give you a little less to digest (pun intended).

Skinny Taste

Not only is Gina’s blog easy to navigate and loaded with recipes, her photos on Instagram are the type that make you want to reach into your computer screen and eat them. One of the things I like most about her blog is the recipe key that makes it easy for people with dietary restrictions to search recipes made for them. It has tags just like the products sold in the grocery store taking the guessing game out of cooking.


Naturally Ella

When we’re talking about food, isn’t the photo one of the main things that sells you to try a recipe? It is for me. While we’re discussing food photography we have to give a tip of the hat to Ella. Not only is her blog stunning with all the photos, if you’re looking to cook with a certain ingredient she has a handy ‘explore an ingredient’ section. That means if you really enjoy eating parsnips and have a lot on hand, she makes those recipes easy for you to find.


Lemon Tree Dwelling

Coming to her blog she makes you feel like you are being welcome into her home. Get your glass of sweet tea or coffee and browse through her recipe collection. The story on how her blog came to be named is adorable, which you can find out by reading her Lemon Tree Home section. Cathy also has some great food photography that you can view over at her Instagram.


Real House Moms

A great recipe site from a collection of food bloggers founded by Aubrey Cota is Real House Moms. You get a wide variety of recipes from different cooks from all over, there’s something for everyone. Not only do they share a plethora of yummy recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water, they sprinkle in some life wisdom along the way and provide some great DIY projects.


Damn Delicious

Simple recipes transformed into sophisticated and elegant meals for home is how it’s defined, and yes, they look damn delicious. Chungah does an excellent job getting me to click on that ‘pin’ button. There is even has a section for dog food so your best friend can also enjoy some elegant treats handmade by you.


Gimmie Some Oven

It all started from her favorite memories of being around the table with her loved ones and it’s easy to relate to. So Ali put her collection of recipes into a visually appealing blog that makes you want to try them all. Not only is she a whiz with the oven, there are some fancy drink recipes on her blog that are sure to impress any guest!


Hopefully this didn’t make you too hungry or that you read this after eating. If not, hope we inspired you to try a new recipe or enlist an influencer to make one for your brand. If you are looking for some great food influencers and help with your brand, reach out to us, we love any excuse to look at more food!

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