Social Doesn’t Slow Down in the Summer: June Social Updates

There was a lot of movement this month on social, centered around new ways users can interact and customize their experiences. Read about how some of these updates could affect your brands plans.

Brands beware, users might soon hit the (SNOOZE) button on you

In an effort for Facebook users to have more control of what they see in their newsfeeds, Facebook added a snooze button. Great for users who don’t want to know what happened in last night’s show or anyone looking for a break from political news but not great for brands looking to reach their audience. With this new snooze feature, users can temporarily hide posts by keywords. Users type in a keyword & any post containing that word will be hidden. We’ll wait to see how this affects reach & engagement but even more of a reason to consider if your brand should jump on a trending topic. If it makes sense for your brand, join in but if it doesn’t, you’ll benefit from being authentic AND you might not be hidden in the timeline.

New Ways for Fans to Share Their Opinions with Brands

In a move to make video even more interactive, Facebook rolled out two new ways for video creators to add interactive features to their videos. Video creators will be able to add live polling to their videos where they’ll be able to ask viewers to share their opinions on the spot, potentially determining the destiny of what happens next in the video. Facebook has also added gameplay, which acts like other game shows where users must answer questions correctly until they’re eliminated.

Like other Live features, these features add an even more extensive layer of planning & preparation for brands. While new features are exciting and we always recommend testing new content, check out our perspective on if you should go live or not, here.

Swipe Up Directly into a Shopping Basket

Instagram announced they’re rolling out the shop feature to Instagram Stories making it easier for customers to find new products and easily purchase right from Stories.

The Stories feature is meant to show off less-produced, behind the scenes content and now a great tool to have your fans discover your products, easily.

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