July Social Media Updates

In June, we saw many added Facebook features, as well as a new shopping basket feature on Instagram. This month, we saw Snapchat providing marketers more data & new ad formats on LinkedIn and Facebook. Need help making sense of social media trends? Let us know!

Snapchat Launches ‘Footprints’ to Show User Behavior

Over 90% of Snapchat users opt-in to share their location data, according to Snapchat. They get this data from snaps using geofilters and the location tag that is available. They have found a way to harness this information – Footprints. By tracking & collecting the locations of Snapchat users, they have been able to map out a ‘week in the life’ of a Snapchat user. This data could be incredibly helpful to marketers to identify stores users are frequenting, restaurants they’re loving or even cities they are visiting. The infographic shared by Snapchat includes information on what stores users visited on Black Friday, where they spend New Year’s Eve and more.

Facebook Testing Augmented Reality Ads

This month, Facebook began testing interactive AR ads. These ads will allow users to interact with digital objects or “place” them in a real-life setting. While not necessarily beneficial for all companies advertising on Facebook, this could be an important ad type for companies in the fashion, home improvement & retail spaces. In order to gain visibility for the feature, Facebook has deployed a Michael Kors ad that gives users the ability to “try on” a pair of sunglasses using the technology.

LinkedIn Announces New Carousel Ad Format

In an effort to stay relevant in the world of paid social content, LinkedIn announced a new carousel ad format this month. Almost identical to Facebook’s carousel ad format, this ad will include the option to add multiple cards for users to click through. In their announcement, LinkedIn included that marketers can obtain data on clicks not only from the post overall, but from each card as well.

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