Ignite Your Week: What’s New with Facebook Ads

Facebook is constantly rolling out new ways to reach your audience and earlier this year, we got access to two new Facebook ad units: Tabs for Canvas and Categories for Dynamic Ads. Both are shopping-centric, but each has its own unique way of organizing and displaying items that a user is more likely to be interested in. Read on to learn more about both.

Tabs for Canvas

Found within the Collection ad unit, this product brings the experience of a print catalog to mobile by allowing users to browse multiple sections within a Canvas. When a user clicks on your ad, they see what is essentially a personalized product catalog based on their interests. Within it, they can swipe and browse through curated tabs, instead of needing to scroll through a longer linear experience, to explore the content that’s most interesting to them, which makes a purchase more likely.

Categories for Dynamic Ads

This product introduces your brand to new customers by displaying multiple products within a category of similar items. Instead of showcasing individual products in a single image or carousel dynamic ad, you can display multiple products that fall into a given category. Using the product catalog, you’ll be able to select the categories you want your new customers to see. Better yet, with the help of the Facebook pixel, you’ll be able to show products that are relevant to that user. You can also personalize the headings for each category and link off to your website for a seamless purchase experience.

Tabs for Canvas and Categories for Dynamic ads have been around for a bit in beta, so you may have seen in in your feed even if you haven’t gotten to use one yet. Which one are you most eager to try first? Tell us in the comments!

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