August Social Media Roundup

July showed Facebook introducing augmented reality ads, LinkedIn carousel ads and Snapchat’s Footprint feature. As we all know, the world of social media never sleeps. This year has been especially rocky for social media, as platforms scramble to figure out what new privacy policies mean for them. Check out below for our list of the top August social media updates! Want to get social media updates in your inbox? Sign up for Social You Should Know here.

August Social Media Updates

Facebook Page Engagement Has Declined by 50%


Unsurprisingly, brands have seen their Facebook organic reach and engagements plummet. Facebook has been continuously optimizing its algorithm and News Feed interface, as well as introducing a variety of new ad formats in the past months. A study from Buffer that analyzed 43 million Facebook pages showed that in the last 18 months, page interactions decreased by over 50%. Additionally, the study showed that images tended to receive the most engagements, even though Facebook has been emphasizing video content. Pages that posted less than once a day saw the highest per-post engagement.

Instagram Added More Users Last Year Than Snapchat Has in Total

After a few missteps, Snapchat has been failing to attract new users outside of their core demographic of teenagers. In its place, Instagram has found major success, likely gaining the users that are leaving Snapchat. Snapchat has 188 million users on its platform, and in the last year, Instagram gained 300 million monthly active users. This is something to keep in mind when looking at what demographics you are wanting to target with your content!

Facebook, Instagram Add More Time Management Controls

In the ever-changing times of social media consumption, some platforms are adding tools to help users track & curb their time on the apps. Facebook and Instagram introduced activity dashboards that show average time spent, reminders that users can set to take a break from scrolling, and the ability to disable push notifications for anywhere between 15 minutes and eight hours. While Facebook’s longtime goals has been to get more people spending more time using their products, these time management updates seem to be a move to counteract the negative publicity and perception surrounding its brand in recent months.

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