A Day in the Life of an Influencer Relations Specialist

Each morning we wake up and prepare for the day ahead of us. For some people in the working world, the day ahead is full of monotonous processes to get them from point A to point B, which occurs the same way, every single day. Sure, they may be working and completing tasks but do they actually enjoy what they’re doing each and every day?

Don’t get me wrong, you could love your job and have a bad day but as a whole, do you ENJOY your job?

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If I had to answer this question a little over a year ago, the answer would be drastically different than my answer is today. In all fairness, it took some time before I found the right career path (specifically marketing and social media in my case), and that tends to be a common theme for people my age. However, fast-forward to now and life is glorious!

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With that, the world of social media marketing is full of a plethora of different jobs, and my role as an Influencer Relations Specialist is one that is increasingly on the rise.

The Stigma

When I started I was so excited to FINALLY be working in social media marketing. No, I don’t play on Facebook all day, but I do get to browse through the various social media channels and unique blog websites on a daily basis. I’m usually looking for people who create and share relevant content online that could potentially fit well with the key messaging of a particular campaign I may be working on.

The Value of Relationship Building

Generally, these Content Creators, or “Influencers”, are bloggers or social media mavens who typically have a large following on the different platforms they manage (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.). Finding these Influencers to partner with during campaigns is probably one of my favorite parts of the campaign process. I spend my time discovering talented and amazing people who I can build relationships with and who can help execute large brand campaigns. Think about building a Pinterest Board full of your favorite ideas seen around the web and getting paid to do it…that’s basically what I do only the Influencers are the Pins and the Board is the campaign I’m working on.

The Benefits of Working with Different Brands

Discovering Influencers is only a tiny portion of what I do. I also get to work with large brands to help promote all kinds of campaigns through social media outlets. Our team has worked with many household names; from food and beverage to personal hygiene, technology gadgets to greeting cards, charity events and more! You name a campaign and we’ve probably had a hand in bringing it to the masses via social media.

The Cause Behind the Campaign

We work together to spread awareness of new products, special events and various cause initiatives. This piece of my job is the most exciting, as I have a hand in crafting a campaign from start to finish and get to see the end results of all my love and labor. Not only do I usually get to learn about new products or fun events way before the general public does, but also have the opportunity to be creative, travel to events, speak directly with clients and work with various groups throughout my company in preparation.

Each day is different from the last, which means I’m no longer stuck working through monotonous processes getting me from point A to point B. Our methods in executing campaign strategies and how we work with influencers and their created content is constantly changing just as social media is constantly changing. I love every minute of my job as an Influencer Relations Specialist and I couldn’t imagine it being any better than this.

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