Content for the Customer Journey – Phase II: Consideration

As we’ve learned, the customer journey is ever evolving. After you’ve made potential customers aware of what you offer, it’s time to move on to phase two – consideration content for the customer journey. The goal of this phase is to encourage those same people you’ve made aware of your product or service become better acquainted with your brand. This stage is where you need to capture them and encourage them, based on the content and ad formats you create.

In the consideration phase, your goal is to give your audience more information to entice customers to visit your website or blog, then move them to take action by providing them with information content. Is your content attention holding? Is it engaging? Is it educational?

To do that, you’ll need to work with your team to come up with a strategy that will resonate. This phase will require some savvy creative skills to come up with content that stands out against competitors, paid media expertise and strategic thinking. Each team member must come equipped with their knowledge to figure out what’s best for the brand, ultimately making choices that will impact sales and website visits.

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Test & Learn with Consideration Content

It’s important to keep in mind that different ad units have different results, so when selecting your approach, strive to choose ones that are best for your business. Creating ads or putting paid behind your content, gives it legs to reach audiences that you haven’t reached, along with those who are already fans. For instance, a Facebook link post can perform well, but after a few weeks, the viewership or click-through rate can dwindle, which means that changes need to be made. If you’re no longer seeing results from a certain ad, switch it up! Some clients may experience greater traffic on different ad types, it all depends.

Consideration Content in Action

If Facebook isn’t the best avenue for your brand, consider Instagram Stories. Adding links to your Story can drive clicks to your website, leading your audience to the information they’re searching for. In the example below, The Outer Banks (#client) led users to their website through a series of Instagram stories. When clicked, the link leads to a page on the brand’s website full of fun ideas to do in the area they’re promoting. This is a great approach if your audience is very active on this platform and if you have enough followers to take advantage of this feature.

Another great test to perform in the consideration phase is one with post copy length to figure out which copy length works best. Some posts perform well with minimal copy and with the use of emojis. If your audience responses well to that keep it up! In some cases, this may not work. Taking a test and learn approach is always beneficial. It is important to keep in mind that conversions don’t happen immediately, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see results ASAP.

The Goal of Consideration Content

The consideration phase doesn’t primarily involve driving your target to your site. Your goal should also be to get people to spend more time getting to know your brand. Pushing educational content that shows your audience the ways that your brand is different from competitors should also be on your to-do list. To accomplish this, you can:

  • Drive viewers to a blog post
  • Get them to watch a video
  • Share an infographic that points out benefits of your brand

Altar’d State (#client) did a great job of showing how they stand out from other brands with this link driving post on Facebook. It gives a brief overview of their charitable initiatives & prompts the viewer to click through to learn more about how they can shop and make a difference. The link drives to the brand’s website.

Each of these efforts will lead potential customers and fans to your website or to your product and encourage them to make a purchase or become a fan. Be sure to stay tuned for our follow up blog that will take your through the next the customer journey: Conversion. Ready to read more? Check out our full Content for the Customer Journey eBook.

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