5 Ways to Win in Social Media Marketing for Seasonal Products

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Marketing is a lot like gardening. Or at least I’m pretty sure that’s how the saying goes…

Some brands have the luxury of a perennial product. They get to be a part of all the major holidays, jump on every current event as soon as the story breaks, and push new marketing material to their loyal fan bases all year long. However, there’s a second type of brand out there. One that may be considered a little more niche or a little less prevalent – the seasonal product. How can a product that’s available for only one season of the year maintain a cohesive marketing strategy?

Now, I’m not talking about the seasonality of trendy flavor profiles, color palettes, or graphic motifs. I’m talking about those brands and products that are truly only available for certain months, weeks, or even days of the year. Think along the lines of organic crops and produce, annual events or awareness campaigns, products and equipment for outdoor activities, seasonal tourism destinations, etc.

Although these brands stand out by offering unique, highly-sought-after goods that come back year after year, the seasonality of their main product may complicate the execution of any year-long marketing plans. However, we’re lucky to be part of a world that lives for the “here” and “now.”

Social Media Marketing thrives on those platforms that can be as fluid and as ephemeral as your product is. The only trick is making sure that your brand uses it right. While the “meat” of your marketing initiatives may fall during only a brief portion of the year, it’s critical to build an audience that remains engaged with your brand all year long. So, to help you on your path toward marketing prowess, here (without further ado) are “Five Ways to #WIN in Social Media Marketing for Seasonal Products.”

Don’t Ignore the Off-Season


Just because your product’s popularity may be on a break, that doesn’t mean that your social team should be. Keep one ear to the ground and continue monitoring those channels, because you never know when opportunity may strike. What if a celebrity decides to Tweet, “Man! I could really go for some of your super seasonally-specific product right now! Too bad it’s January.” Your social team should be right there, ready with an answer, no matter what time of year it is.

Give Your Brand Personality

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“Social Voice” is a term that you’ll hear over and over when asked to describe how your brand engages with its audience. Whatever your product is, create a voice that reflects it. Whether you have a witty, dry sense of humor or a boisterous “new girl at the party” kind of thing going on, give your followers what they’re looking for. Santa may only come around once a year, but his happy little elves should be out there building up anticipation for his arrival all year long.

Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel

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After doing all that work to get people to love you, remember that the “Unfollow” button is just a click away. Though your channels may not require 24/7 monitoring or new content to be posted every day, don’t forget about your loyal fan base. Continue to earn your spot in your customers’ social feeds by offering visually-engaging content and simple promotions like a Surprise & Delight campaign.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Any great social media strategist will tell you that a brand is only as good as its content, and good content doesn’t come easy. Take advantage of your “off-season” to put together extravagant content series, connect with some of your favorite brand ambassadors, create cohesive content calendars, and organize paid media plans that will see you through the “high-season.”

Make Your Season Count

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You’ve made it! Your season is finally here and now it’s all hands on deck.

Whether your “season” lasts only a few days, or several months, put that prep-work to use and post like there’s no tomorrow. Engage with your fans, boost content to reach target consumers, offer exciting deals and promotions, and (most importantly) continue building that audience so you can do it again next year.

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