5 Instagram Artists to Follow

Instagram artists are some of the most entertaining types of influencers to follow on the social media network, today we’re going to highlight five. The reason I love them? They constantly put a smile on my face and prompt me to wonder if I too could create some of the great content they produce. Their thinking is innovative and helps you look at things from another point of view, which, when partnering with brands can also prove as a great way to provide a refresher for your audience. Not that long ago we provided you with some great food influencers so now we’re onto artists to make sure your Instagram feed has a nice mix of content.


From coffee to food and even toys here are some of the top art influencers that would make great partners on any campaign to add a unique twist.


The Coffee Monsters

Taking a bit of spilled coffee and turning it into cute little monsters or other animals? Yes, and yes. It takes the concept of cloud gazing but with coffee spills! This could be a great influencer to partner with for a product that could leave colorful spills or perhaps even a stain remover? The Coffee Monsters even have a book.



Crazy Susi Food

Since we touched on coffee, one of my favorite things, it’s only fitting to move onto food and food art. What better way to make food more exciting and thought provoking then to turn it into art (and then eat it). Susi’s adorable (and sometimes spooky) creations would provide a brand with some great content that’s bound to bring a smile to their fans faces.



Diego Cusano

He considers himself a “fantasy researcher”, Diego is always trying to reinvent himself and he does just that with his amazing artwork. His illustrations change the objects native function through beautiful design and just bring a smile to your face. Think of all the possibilities this could have for your brand, my brain is already churning.



Gee Oh Snap

One of those people that make you go, how in the heck did they come up with that? A viral snapchat artist, you can also find his collection of art on Instagram. His series ‘Random People’ make you want to start doodling on your snaps.




A plastician artist, a term that I didn’t know existed until now, he put a spin on the ordinary toy. In a nutshell being a plastician means you excel at making artwork utilizing plastic which includes toys (one of my other favorite things). What I like about his account is that he also shows you some behind the scenes footage to show what work goes into these shoots. While this one may not work to partner with specifically using certain toys due to trademarks and all that fun legal stuff, think about what they could create for your brand.


Now that you have some potentially new artists to follow, what are some of the ones that you enjoy seeing in your Instagram feed? Are you looking for some unique influencers to help out with your brand campaign and take it to that next level? We can definitely help if you reach out to us!

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