The Ignite Mystery Trip 2016: Destination Revealed!

After many months of anticipation and intentionally vague clues, the Ignite Social Media Mystery Trip 2016 destination was revealed on Saturday, Feb. 27, to the NC and MI offices (at 4:30am in our respective cities’ airports, mind you). With overstuffed suitcases by our side and giant red envelopes in hand, we were finally going to know where we were spending the next four days bonding together as one united team. Being a social media agency, we of course had to Snapchat the big reveal. Plus, we created a snazzy, tropical geo-filter just for the occasion.

Drumroll, please!

Our destination was beautiful Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!

Mystery Trip 1


We happily said goodbye to dreary winter weather and hello to perpetually sunny skies and towering palm trees at the Ocean Blue & Sand Beach Resort.

Mystery Trip 2

Most Igniters spent their time sunbathing by the pool, enjoying a seemingly endless supply of delicious frozen mixed drinks, and exploring the beach.

Mystery Trip 3

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly our catamaran ride, which began with a snorkeling excursion and finished with us all dancing like no one was watching. It was truly a sight to behold.

Mystery Trip 4

You may be wondering how a group of 60+ people managed to stay connected while outside of the United States. Ultimately, we decided to use a group text messaging app called GroupMe during our trip. It includes fun features that we social media nerds appreciate: you can “like” individual messages, create custom emojis, and share videos and pictures that can be transformed into memes.

Mystery Trip 5

Whether it was determining dinner plans and nightlife activities, cracking jokes, or even just seeing who brought aloe vera for the inevitable sunburns we suffered, GroupMe proved to be a very useful tool on our international adventure!

Though our trip is now over, the memories are sure to last forever. After all, you can’t un-see our Gene Smith in a silly hat or come close to imitating Ryan Sweeney’s sweet catamaran dance moves.

Mystery Trip 6

Is it too early to start guessing where our next trip will be? We say definitely not.

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