ISM Mystery Trip 2017 Recap


The BIG Ignite Mystery Trip has finally come and gone, and I’ve been tasked to somehow summarize this amazing trip. Where to start? With so many memories behind me, this is something that is not easily achieved. So, as I sit here on the plane ride back, while my coworkers sleep, I will attempt to do just that. Here goes nothing!




For starters, we all arrived at our respective airports for the big destination reveal. The buzz was in the air in both Raleigh and Detroit. There were many guesses as to where we would go, from Ireland to Copenhagen, and even Russia. But no one was ready for the exciting news that Ignite would be taking on PARIS!!! That’s right. We were traveling to the City of Lights.


After a long flight filled with excitement (and some shaken nerves for a few), we touched down for our European adventure. One charter bus later we arrived at our hotel and quickly checked in to head out for the day. There was no time to sleep when there are so many sights to explore and world famous cafes to enjoy!




The next few days brought forth many fantastic adventures for everyone. From exploring the world-famous architecture of Paris on an interactive bus tour, to visiting far off areas of the city like the Catacombs of Paris, there was always something to see and do. Some even took to visiting Monet’s Garden for some stunning shots of one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.






The unmatched beauty of Paris shows in the artwork too, as taking a tour of The Louvre to see the Mona Lisa was a popular choice within the group. And of course, let’s not forget the many markets and shops visited, as Igniters looked to sample some of the fine wines and wares of France. Some of these places were tourist hubs, others we found off the beaten path in many of the less explored regions of Paris.




Our vacation ended with a magical boat tour and dinner down the Seine, where we celebrated another successful year with those who made it possible. We shared memories of the many years spent together as an agency, laughed at some of the best moments, and looked forward to the future.


As I type this blog on the way back to the states, I’m still shocked at where we went and the adventure we had. Truly, I was blessed to be on this adventure, as I’m sure many of my coworkers are as well. The memories created will last a lifetime.


Now there’s only one question left to ask, and that is, where will Ignite go next year? After 17 amazing years (including our sister company Brogan & Partners) of Mystery Trips and unique destinations, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below in the comments. Au Revoir!

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