Dogs at Ignite Social Media

A Home for the Holidays: A Social Media Success Story

When seeking employment with a new company, the first things many people consider are salary, work responsibilities, and benefits. You may wonder how the insurance policy or work load will impact your life. However, I bet few of you think about how your work benefits may save someone else’s life…

Ripley’s Story, Believe it or Not.

Cold, dirty and afraid, she was wondering the streets for weeks. I first spotted this little dog darting in and out of the woods, dangerously close to a busy road. Then I began noticing her in my rearview mirror as she chased my car. I started carrying food and water in my car, hoping to get her out of the unseasonably cold weather. Unfortunately, this little lost pup would tuck her tail and dash away every time I tried to approach her.

For a few weeks, I would dump food at the edge of the woods and back away. I’ll never forget when she actually came close enough to let me pet her soft, giant ears. I knew she was finally ready to accept my help when I saw her sitting at the edge of my driveway one frosty night. I brought out some food for her and she came willingly. After she filled her belly, she bounced around my legs and begged for affection.

I knew my older dogs wouldn’t take kindly to a new, scared dog in the house, so I wondered what I could possibly do with her. I filed a lost dog report with the county, but no one came forward. All of the local rescues I contacted were full and I couldn’t stomach taking her to the kill shelter during the holidays, or any season for that matter.

Then I remembered that I work for the most amazing company in the world. Sorry Google, but Ignite Social Media is the place to send your resume. Allowing dogs in the office is one of the many great benefits of working at Ignite. See?

Dogs at Ignite Social Media

So, my marketing brain starting spinning! Within minutes of bringing her to the office last week, my coworkers started to come see her and I shared her story with each of them.

Home For The Holidays

RipleyEveryone instantly fell in love with her; they started offering temporary foster homes and posted her picture on Facebook asking for help in finding this little lost pup a forever home.

It may have taken me nearly four weeks to get her off the streets, but she found her forever home after only two days of being at Ignite. Now named Ripley, she is already being spoiled by her new family – and by all the staff at Ignite Social Media!

I would have never imagined that my company benefits would help me save a life. It’s the best gift I could ever ask for.

From everyone at Ignite Social Media, may your holidays be filled with hope and happiness.

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