Social Media Roundup- Best in Class Father’s Day

This past Sunday was Father’s Day, and if you were on social media over the weekend, you probably saw a lot of #FathersDay content from celebrities and brands. Yes, there were the expected sales on power tools and business attire. However, several brands went beyond the low-hanging fruit and came up with messaging to truly connect with dads and the people who celebrated dads. Here are some of our favorites:


Watching sports with dad is a relatable scene for many fathers and kids. Playing on that, the NBA shared a series of videos on Father’s Day highlighting their players off the court and what fatherhood means to them. By showing players’ personalities, the NBA grows the game without having to sell the game itself.

National Geographic

Most people love animals, especially cute animals. This Father’s Day, National Geographic shared a series of images and stories of fatherhood across the animal kingdom. This type of content not only speaks to dads, but those who enjoy seeing kindness, care, and compassion. For National Geographic, this did a great job of showing what they do, without pushing a sales message.


(Disclosure: we participated in this campaign.)

Each year, Gillette encourages guys to put their phones down for a minute, stop looking up answers online, and go ask dad instead. The video was heartwarming as usual, and the #GoAskDad hashtag was used thousands of times on Father’s Day by dads and their families alike.

These were just some of our favorites, share yours in the comments below! For help on the next big social holiday, reach out here.

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