How Social Media Monitoring Can Help Customer Service

Social media is quickly becoming one of the leading channels for customers to choose when they are looking for customer service. Social media customer service accounts for 34.5% of people’s choice for resolving their issues, outstripping email, websites, and 1-800 numbers. But how can social media monitoring help your brand’s overall customer service experience?

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Find Customer Trends as They Happen

Setting up and maintaining social media monitoring for your brand can ensure that any burgeoning issues are caught in real time. If you are actively monitoring your channels, that’s likely where you’ll first find out about any ongoing product issues or trends in the customer experience with your product. In one survey, 90% of people had used social to communicate with a brand. If you are listening, you might be able to head off any issues and prepare the wider customer service team for response.

Improve Your Response Time

As more and more customers turn to social media for customer service, it presents an opportunity to improve your response time. Customers expect brands to be “always on” for social, so staffing a team to respond to all customer inquiries on social media in a timely manner is key. If you can develop a process in which customer issues are dealt with on the channel and not just sent to email, you will reduce the overall time it takes to resolve an issue. A quick resolution = happy customers.

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Wow Your Customers

Unlike phone or email customer service, social media customer care usually takes place in the public eye. This can be a negative, or you can try to use it to your advantage. Where possible, train your social media managers to “wow” the customers. Reward positive customers with coupons or swag and solve negative issues swiftly and completely. Other potential customers might see how well your customers are treated and choose to purchase. Also, customers who receive great social customer care can easily share their experience by publishing a new post, resulting in increased exposure for your brand.

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These are just a few ways that social media monitoring can improve your overall customer care strategy. Looking for more help? Check out our services page to see what we can do for you.

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