A Social Media Retail Case Study – Driving Direct Results from Social Media

It’s natural for retail brands to want to learn how to drive direct results via social media, whether in sales or leads. In past years, this has been a challenge, but improvements in social platforms’ ad buying options are making it easier than ever. In one of our social media retail case studies, a mid-sized office supply retailer was able to see an overall $1.11 return on ad spend (ROAS) and even higher numbers for its partner products.

This brand partnered with Ignite to maintain their position as a leader in the office supply industry, to grow their presence by communicating key differentiators and ultimately to drive sales and conversions.

By utilizing traffic driving and high conversation post types, we were able to earn the following results in just one quarter:

Generating leads via social media

On an ongoing basis, Ignite Social Media provided monthly content creation, paid media management and reporting. Utilizing custom audience targeting, we were able to reach users who were very likely to become customers. This unique targeting coupled with lead generation ads on Facebook led to a low $1.50 cost per acquisition. These efficiencies resulted in this becoming a part of the ongoing tactical execution.

Earning a higher ROAS with partner products

As part of our ongoing relationship, we worked with the retailer to create a partner program that supported and generated interested in partner products available on their e-commerce site. Some partners saw ROAS of greater than $7, based on our multi-part approach.

By using social first content and a targeted paid media approach, we were able to drive users to the website to view and purchase these partner products. We were able to entice shoppers to purchase by:

  • Promoting popular and relevant partner products such as ink & toner and cleaning supplies
  • Leveraging efficient and cost-effective audiences to drive shoppers. These audiences included look-a-like audiences, engaged custom audiences, interest based targeting, and behavior based targeting.
  • Driving landing page views to the specific products to increase chances of users adding the product to cart and purchasing the product.

While driving direct results from social media can be challenging for retailers, Ignite has multiple case studies in a variety of verticals that demonstrate it can be done efficiently and effectively. Head to our site to see a selection of our top case studies: Ignite Case Studies

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