100 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading

The inspiration for this blog post came about a year ago when I spied a tweet lamenting the fact that “Best of…” blog lists often neglect to include women bloggers. Perhaps some writers don’t read the plethora of smart and savvy women bloggers out there, but this list will rectify the problem.

This list is compiled from my own feed, suggestions from my colleagues, and those of you that left comments on previous posts by our social media agency. I have personally vetted each of these and didn’t add any blog I don’t read myself. Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list, just a starting point.

If you’re also interested, check out this list of top influencers we’ve partnered with. Enjoy!

2020 Update: We’ve recently updated this list to show you some of the top female bloggers and social media influencers to-date. We hope you enjoy!

Female Beauty Bloggers. Photo Credit Slashed Beauty for Carusele


Sylwia PerriPeppermint Lips – Born and raised in Poland, she’s now a resident of Texas and a great beauty & makeup junkie to follow. She started her blog in 2011 when she was just getting into makeup and from there it has only grown.  

Tif FanninBright on a Budget – A beauty destination to help you always look bright and fun without breaking the bank. She offers affordable fashion and beauty advice and always keeps it real.

MatildahFashion Wizardry – With a passion for fashion and beauty, Matildah has some great advice to share with her subscribers. Her videos start out with an inspirational message and then go right into what you need to know to feel great.

Nyasha MavuStyle Squad Zimbabwe – She started Style Squad Zimbabwe as a temporary pit-stop, only to find a purpose, a story and a confidence she didn’t know existed. Nyasha has an awesome style and a her beauty shows through in her smile (and she does great makeup). 

Michelle MismasAll Lacquered Up – A self-proclaimed nail lacquer fanatic, she has your guide to nail info, tips and tricks. 

Stef AndrewsWe Heart This – Founded in 2008 her blog shares brands, tutorials, and trends we love. We Heart This is a fine-tuned beauty-obsessed lifestyle site. 

Kara FergusonPolitics of Pretty – A self-diagnosed beauty junkie since she was tall enough to sift through her mother’s makeup vanity. She now shares tips and tricks to her readers. 

Female Design Bloggers

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Julie, Janet, Francesca, & SarahRemodelistaRemodelista is actually a collection of female friends with a collectively congruous design and decorating sensibility, which they share on this blog. From high-end to reclaimed, they have brilliant suggestions that are less about making home the perfect space, and mostly about making it your space.

Grace BonneyDesign Sponge – Before creating the eye candy factory that is Design Sponge, Grace worked as a contributing editor for some of the biggest magazines in the industry. In addition to keeping her blog untarnished by the usual ladymag ridiculousness (e.g. 10 Ways To Get Rid of Neck Fat, ZOMG!!!!), her carefully curated stash of goodness demonstrates her exceptional taste.

Tina Roth EisenbergSwiss Miss – Tina calls her blog Swiss Miss for the obvious reason – because she grew up in Switzerland – but I like the name because reading it is like drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It’s smooth, rich, and flavored with just the right amount of sweet in the way of aesthetics. She’s a mixed media kind of gal, so there’s plenty here to curb every craving.

Danielle de LangeStyle Files – The reason Style Files feels like opening up Danielle’s personal scrapbook of visual delights is because her blog began as a way to compile her visual discoveries. Her impeccable curation includes decor and nesting inspired ideas, a dose of textiles, architecture, furniture, and even peeks at the personal space she shares with her partner and baby named Kick!

Sara ToufaliBlack & Blooms – From New York to Los Angeles, she’s an adventurer with a camera in hand who has a love of plants and cozy interiors.

CynthiaDarling Down South – A California native that relocated to Georgia, she provides engaging storytelling and imagery to inspire your life wherever you’re geographically located.

Suzy HandgraafWorthing Court – Welcoming others into her home on Worthing Court, she’s constantly updating, makeover’ing and transforming her home on a budget. Her mission is to provide entertainment, fulfillment, and inspiration by bringing an abundance of the best in easy, inspiring and affordable home décor ideas and providing help when needed.

Eleni PsyllakiMy Paradissi – Looking for some interior design ideas? Eleni’s has some great ideas. She has a lot of great Etsy spotlights that make it hard for you not to click on over to purchase.

Female DIY Bloggers


Jen HadfieldTatertots & Jello – She’s been featured in Better Home and Gardens and Woman’s Day with her creative DIY projects. Jen is a busy mom of 4 but still finds time to share with her audience her projects with hopes of encouraging them to develop their creative side.

Lisa LongleyWine & Glue – Though she refers to herself as a “wanna be crafter” her work begs to differ. The crafts featured are ones that even the beginner crafter can handle, or she just makes them look easy. Lisa also has some great Halloween costume ideas on her blog if you are looking for ideas for your little ones.

Kelly DixonSmart School House – With a published book, a front-page Wall Street Journal interview and several magazine features, Kelly has made waves in the DIY world. Her blog started after falling in love with Pinterest and now she shares her crafts with over two million followers on social.

Amy AndersonMod Podge Rocks – Amy loves bringing ideas and inspirations together in one place along with other contributors to make the magic happen on her site. The group has put together some projects sure to inspire the inner creative side.

Amber PriceCrazy Little Projects – A mother of 4 boys, in her spare time she loves to sew, read, and isn’t a fan of sitting still. Check out her blog showcasing her latest ‘crazy’ projects for inspiration. 

Francesca StoneFall for DIY – “Can’t buy it, DIY it!” is her motto and her blog provides endless instructions on how to do it yourself as well as some fashion and party planning tips. 

Ashley & WhitneyShanty 2 Chic – Two sisters who want to inspire others to create beautiful and affordable furniture to turn any house into a happy home. 

Female Fashion & Design Bloggers

Fashion & Style

Ariel Meadow StallingsOffbeat Bride – As a departure from the typical, cheesy fashion trappings of weddings, Ariel launched Offbeat Bride to showcase the special days of those with flair, fortitude, and a D.I.Y. attitude. She carefully curates the big days of some of the most offbeat brides, with on-point commentary that will remind you DO love weddings, after all.

Joanna GoddardCup of Jo – As a writer by trade, Joanna already knows the ins and outs of compelling content, but her blog also shows off her inspired style eye. It’s one of my favorite places to swing by for a dose of pretty and positive since her posts are a sweet, sweet confection of both.

Abby LarsonStyle Me Pretty – Okay, yes, I KNOW IT’S A WEDDING BLOG, but Abby writes about more than just weddings. She, being the one-woman juggernaut that she is, blogs about being an entrepreneur, finding tools that help her to run the company, innovating, staying balanced AND weddings. She’s got a lovely take on the whole shebang, and even if you’re not in the market for a bouquet, that still smells pretty sweet.

NnekaQueen of Sleeves – A lover of fashion who follows a general rule of, she doesn’t do sleeveless. She’s not alone on that quest and is joined by many who read her blog where sleeves reign.

Cristie & LauraMeritt and Style – A blog created with the idea of mixing their favorite affordable + splurge-worthy faves for your own closet.

Ehmonie HaineyWhat’s Haute – Founder, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of What’s Haute Magazine, head over to the blog for of-the-moment fashion.

Monroe SteelFashion Steele NYC – She started her blog in 2010 as a creative outlet for her thrift fashion and has been going strong ever since.

JaniseMama in Heels – She believes in making and effort to look fabulous because it feels good and lends her advice on fashion and bargain shopping so others can feel just as good looking fabulous.  

Amy RoilandA Fashion Nerd – Also seen on season 7 of Shark Tank, she has a funky style for fashion full of colors.

Emily GemmaThe Sweetest Thing – Originally starting her blog to document her life, she received so many questions on her hair, makeup and clothing she shifted her focus to fashion.

Jaime CittadinoSunflowers and Stilettos – Her blog is a creative outlet where she shares her passion for fashion and hopes to motivate women of all shapes and sizes to look and feel their best. 

Female Finance Bloggers


Tarra JacksonMadam Money – A financial expert who shares her wisdom about finances to her audience. She’s a two-time best-selling book author who share tips on her blog and social channels. 

Amanda ClaymanAmanda Clayman – She believes that money can be a tool for transformation. After she blew up her own financial life, it propelled her into a new career direction in finance and now lends her expertise to others looking to get a  hold of their finances. 

Emma JohnsonWealthy Single Mommy – A professional single mom, her goal is to help others build a full, awesome life as a single mom. She knows that this single mom business is not easy and wants to help others with advice to help them achieve their goals without financial worry.  

Sandy SmithYes, I am Cheap –  She started blogging to keep herself accountable when her debt situation got out of hand. After getting out of debt and learning enough about money her aim was to help others do the same. 

Female Fitness Bloggers

Fitness & Body

Jennifer BachdimJenniferBachdim – Wearing multiple hats as most influencers tend to do, Jennifer is a model, blogger, YouTube creator as well as a mother & wife. Hop on over to her blog for some workouts, fashion, and beauty advice…and there’s a shopping tab.

Rachel DevauxRachel’s Good Eats – A registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, her blog is a great spot for finding healthy recipes and fitness advice.

Ginnyginnylovestri24 – A fitness inspiration, she provides motivation to many to keep trying to build their castle in the sky.

Sohee LeeSohee Fit – Creator of the eat.lift.thrive movement she has a Masters in health psychology and is an evidence-based fitness coach and author based in Los Angeles. She’s here to help others navigate the vast amounts of information out there and a zero in on what’s right for YOU.

Jen EsquerDoc Jen Fit – With a Doctorate in physical therapy, she’s ranked as one of the best Fitness Trainers on IG. She offers private sport therapy, workshops and speaks at global engagements with a mission to help those who are willing to listen to their body. 

Melissa AlcantaraFit Gurl Mel – Lifestyle changes, fitness programs, coaching, and a little bit of fitness magic sprinkled all over. 

Brittne JacksonBrittne Babe – Creating her blog in 2013 to promote health and fitness to her followers, they come to her to check in for motivation, workouts, and tips. 

Female Food Bloggers


Ree DrummondThe Pioneer Woman – I cannot even begin to explain how charming this self-proclaimed spoiled city girl turned domestic country wife is. And I’m not the only one – her readership has grown exponentially over the past year, thanks in part to her easy, yet filling family recipes that are practically dripping with homey-ness.

Deb PerelmanThe Smitten Kitchen – I love Deb because she is unafraid to boldly suggest that we eat comfort food, that we partake in the deliciousness of real desserts and enjoy them, as well as the real-life stories behind them. Plus, her recipes are impressive but accessible, which is a bloody relief for those of us tired of feeling inadequate in the kitchen. Deb is a food revolutionary, bringing mastery to the masses!

Linda KurniadiSimply Healthyish – She believes cooking is an incredible way to bring the wide world of amazing flavors out there into your own home and her recipes are created based upon her many experiences.

Jen NikolausYummy Healthy Easy – Living in sunny Texas, she has a passion for cooking and baking and love to share all her new creations with her readers.

Lyndsay SungCoco Cake Land –  From Vancouver, BC you’ll find cakes galore along with tutorials and recipes to make your own creations.

Katie MosemanRecipe for Perfection – Starting out in 2014 as a food blog in search of the perfect brownie it grew into more than just brownies but still looks for the perfect recipes for each dish.

Female Gaming Bloggers


Tiffany GarciaiHasCupcake – Always aspiring to be creative, she found the perfect outlet for constantly developing new idea and content through her love of video games. Her series “The Art of Gaming” on YouTube sets her apart from other gaming influencers on the channel.  

LiaSSSniperWolf – From Liverpool, now residing in Las Vegas, she’s been part of the gaming community since 2013. 

Suzanne ‘Suzy’ BerhowKittyKatGaming – She manages three YouTube channels, most people know her as part of The Game Grumps crew (which is just a great name for a crew in general) and you can find all types of video game coverage, regardless of the genre on her channel. 

Jennifer FlaggGaming with Jen – A fan of Minecraft and Roblox, you’ll find that most of the videos on her channel are in one way or other about those games making her a great go-to if you’re also a fan. 


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Female Green-Living Bloggers

Green Living

Megan GilgerFresh Exchange – From everything you needed to know about steel raised beds for gardening to the best kids books about nature, there’s a lot of great green content on her blog.

Mila Clarke BuckleyHangry Woman® – With a trademark to her name, Mila is a type 2 diabetes patient advocate and shares approachable food and lifestyle tips to help others living with type 2 diabetes.

ElenBoston Seedlings – A mama to two girls, borderline obsessive gardener in a tiny 600 sq ft backyard with a hopelessly optimistic soul.

Siel Ju Green LA Girl – Siel is an environmental writer and an activist, and although her blog is called Green LA Girl, I think it’s applicable to any sagacious lady trying to navigate an urban landscape. She’s inventive and adventurous, trying new recipes and reporting on them, reading and reviewing books, and bringing honest dispatches from a woman trying to live mindfully.

Beth TerryMy Plastic-free Life – Back in 2007, Beth set out on a mission to de-plasticize her life, mindfully and methodically. Now she’s down to a mere fraction of what the average American consumes in plastic products, and her blog is a thorough resource for testing and helping the rest of us find solid plastic alternatives.

Karen LeeEcokaren – As a former Chiropractor, Karen has already made the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy body, so helping us all navigate the eco-friendly lifestyle is really just something she does out of benevolence. From recipes, to how-to’s, to giveaways, Karen makes being eco-friendly seem attainable.

Humorous Women Bloggers


Anonymous Dear Coke Talk – Acerbic wit and a caustic dose of reality are what define Dear Coke Talk’s refreshingly honest advice column of sorts. A small warning: don’t venture over to this blog unless you are prepared for a brand of truth-telling where nothing is off-limits. She does not refrain from bitch-slapping her readers.

Jenny LawsonThe Bloggess – If you are offended by salty language, then do not visit Jenny’s blog. However, I can confirm that you will be missing out on some seriously funny shiz. From parenting, to pets, to petting, no topic is left unturned, scrutinized, commented on, and made hilarious via the irreverent humor of The Bloggess.

Liz ClimoHi, I’m Liz – an American cartoonist, animator, children’s book author, and illustrator her cartoons are a delight.

Taylor WolfeThe Daily Tay –  With a move to Chicago, she fell into the comedy circle and does stand up and sketch whenever she can.

Meredith MasonyThat’s Inappropriate – Join her on her crazy journey with her little humans and laughs.

Female Lifestyle Bloggers: Photo Credit Carusele


Ashley GuyattBlonde Collective – She has a deep passion for creating looks for less – whether it’s in her closet or in her home. 

Stacie ConnertyDevine Lifestyle – Living in Atlanta, GA she has an insatiable love of travel, loves food and creating recipes, is an avid shopper, loves all things tech, beauty & fashion. 

Jessica FloresDomesticated Me – A lifestyle website for the domestic diva in all of us. She shares how to look and feel fabulous in just a few minutes through outfit ideas, healthy meals, DIY tutorials, giveaways, and event coverage. 

Jenny IngramJenny On The Spot – She’s a sparkly, well-caffeinated mother of 3 living near-ish Seattle. Her blog is filled with DIY, Style & Home, Family, Food & Drink, and my personal favorite – her pet peeve list. 

Emily HelmLife With Emily – Based in NC, she shares her personal style, outfit inspiration, and travels, along with bits & pieces of her life. 

Lynne CaineWhatever is Lovely – Starting out as a fashion blogger, it’s grown into more than offering life thoughts, travel stories, health, and fitness advice as well as some ideas of how to make money online. 

Carolyn Scott-HamiltonThe Healthy Voyager – Travel – Food – Healthy Living and a whole bunch of other topics await you on her blog. She started the blog for people like her that loved to travel but had dietary restrictions and since then it’s morphed into so much more. 

Female Marketing Bloggers


Susan GetgoodMarketing Roadmaps – A smart marketing blog with its attention focused on results.

Heidi CohenActionable Marketing Guide – Her blog provides marketing insights on social media, content marketing and mobile – including the ever-expanding world of connected devices. 

Aleyda SolisSEO Blog – With more than 10 years of experience doing SEO for European, American and Latin-American companies, both from the agency as well as in the in-house side she provides great advice for start-ups and multinational companies. 

Momy Bloggers

Mom Blogs

Lotus CarrollI Am Lotus aka Sarcastic MomSarcastic Mom is known to be a lil’ bit saucy on occasion, but mostly I find her blog uplifting, honest, funny, with a serious helping of eye candy. I’m a sucker for photos, and on that count Sarcastic Mom delivers more than a teenage Dominos’ driver. Also noteworthy are her weekly photography picks, crowdsourced and gorgeous.

VickyMess for Less – A blog for moms who wanted to entertain and educate their children while spending quality time with them.

Diana BlinksThe Gray Ruby Diaries – Living in Tampa Bay and a “maker of messy-haired baby girls” she’s passionate about empowering women and finding joy in the little things.

Hayley Free BordesLittle Me and Free – A Houston blogger living life to the fullest with her family and sharing the adventures (and learnings) they have along the way.  

Heather & LoriWho Needs a Cape? – A dynamic duo of busy moms who love to share family-friendly recipes and things that make us smile.

Stephanie KeepingSpaceships & Laser Beams – As a mom to three boys, she shares her interest in everything “boy-joy”. Together, her small but mighty team showcases fun party food and recipe ideas, cool crafts, games, boys fashion, fun DYI projects, and products they love.  

Brianne ManzStroller in the City – Once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger. Her blog boasts about city living, family travel, kids fashion, and all things that are mommy. 

Amy BallgardtMom Spark – A work-at-home mom with two boys living in Oklahoma City. Her blog consists of three writers sharing articles that include recipes, travel, social good initiatives, entertainment, crafts and a whole lot more. 

Parrish RitchieLife with the Crust Cut Off – A nap deprived mama of two that serves up easy recipes with a side of parenting. 

Nonprofit Women Bloggers


Beth KanterBeth’s Blog – With an arsenal of non-profit experience, Beth tracks and blogs about social strategies that work for non-profits on a mission.

Kivi Leroux MillerKivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog – As a do-it-yourself nonprofit marketer, Kivi has a whole arsenal of suggestions for how to market when your organization struggles with a lack of funds and time.

Female Political Bloggers


Sara K. SmithWonkette – Following in the grand tradition of the original Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, Sara blogs snarky and sassy about all things politics.

Female Start-Up Bloggers

Start-Ups/Small Business

Shonali BurkeWomen Grow Business – As editor of Women Grow Business and head of her own consulting agency, Shonali Burke is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. She tackles topics that sometimes speak to the unique issues that women face, but mostly her insight is invaluable across the board.

Penelope TrunkBrazen Careerist – The founder of 3 start-ups, Penelope has logged more than enough experience to dish out advice, but her blog is more than just a formulaic “You can do it!” entrepreneurial cheer. She very honestly exposes the more trying aspects of living your career and loving your life.

Laurie RuettimannThe Cynical Girl – Formerly the blogging brains behind Punk Rock HR, Laurie has a long-standing tradition of openly discussing the pitfalls and tough spots of career and business. An expert in the field of human capital management, she’s not one to sugarcoat with corporate-speak, but she does have a wicked sense of humor while telling it like it is.

Kotryna BassBass – With the want to help empower others to blog and share their own stories, she offers blogging tips and design services as well as some free resources. 

Female Tech Bloggers


Brandy MorganMSBM – A tech freelancer located in Orlando, she wants to help people create a life they want and quit their 9-5 by offering tips in technology, business and other aspects of life. She believes we are the editors of our lives, which means if we don’t like something, we can change it.

Laura MedaliaCoder Girl – Located in NYC, this programmer provides tech and career tips, as well as some fashion to her followers.

Shannon MorseSnubs –  An online video hosts and producer that focuses on consumer technology and security/privacy. Head over to her YouTube channel for the latest tech reviews and tutorials where she’s hosts Morse Code.  

Female Travel Bloggers


Kate McCulley Adventurous Kate – If you’ve ever been a woman attempting to plan a solo trip to various parts of the world, it can be intimidating. But Kate is determined to show all of us that a solo traveling gal can be safe, have fun, and do it on the cheap. And her blog seems to prove it, with lots of dispatches and anecdotes from locations around the globe. Even if you can’t leave the country, Kate’s blog is an easy read for a little mental escapism.

Abby TegneliaThe Neon Jungle Princess – Abby is one of those brave travelers that has the gift of conveying what was so enticing about her journey. Far from the dozens of photos you’re forced to sit through when your friends return from a week in South America, Abby is able to hone in and speak to the soul of a trip. She also rounds-up spots to eat, stay, and even throws in a dose of international politics for good measure.

Kiki RichThe Blonde Abroad – A solo female travel blog that features travel tips, packing guides, videos and photography from around the world. She left her career in corporate wealth management to embark on a summer of soul searching and it changed the course of her life forever.

Chelsea YamaseThe Adventurers Collective – Hawaii-based creative and curious human practicing courage. Self-improvement, outdoor adventure, and creativity makes her excited and she loves sharing her journeys exploring all three on her blog and Instagram.

Lídia GulyásLidia On The Road – Lidia is out there chasing adventures and providing us with the inspiration to do the same. Browsing through her Instagram you’re provided with words to live by that are set in beautiful scenes. Makes you want to dust off your passport.

Katharina BodenBlack.White.Vivid – A love story between images and words, her travel adventures take readers to unknown places, local eats, and her kitchen in Dubai. She’s a great follow for delicious stories and her magical travel guides.

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