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Behind the Scenes at a Debate Social Media War Room: News Video

Jim Tobin.
By: Jim Tobin  |   October 12, 2012  |   View Comments

At Ignite Social Media, we don't work with politicians. But we do regularly work with large brands, filtering through thousands of mentions to figure out the important parts of the online conversation.

That's why ten members of our team (five in North Carolina and five in Michigan, connected via streaming video) worked throughout the night to develop our infographic analyzing the social media reaction to the 2012 Vice Presidential debate.

NBC-17 News found our infographic on the first presidential debate so interesting, that they came to watch how we do it.

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at what a social media monitoring war room looks like, this one analyzing in real time the Joe Biden/Paul Ryan debate:

Watch this at WNCN

Now, check out the final infographic that the team posted before dawn. Great teamwork.

Artwork by: Nicole Mapp and Bob Perman

Copy by: Caroline Monday and Win Pratt

Insights & Analytics by: Bryce Davis, Heather Romaine, and Ken Tebo

Monitoring by: Scott Briggs, Claire Colleran, and Ann Marie Taepke

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