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Samsung: 2011 Social Media Plan



Samsung Visual Display wanted to take advantage of social spaces to market high-end Smart TVs to global consumers, with a focus on growing thriving communities and generating positive sentiment.


  • Using a two-pronged approach, we took over community engagement on their existing profiles and developed a long-term strategy through our Community Analysis & Engagement Planning process
  • For the Engagement Plan, we developed a channel strategy, measurement plan with KPIs and goals for the year, and a promotions plan designed to grow communities
  • We then executed an engagement-focused content strategy on Facebook and Twitter, coupled with quarterly social media programs designed to drive acquisition and advocacy
  • Promotions such as “Like It, Reveal It, Win It,” a fan-exclusive sweepstakes (featured on Mashable) in which users could help reveal, pixel-by-pixel, a prize shown on a virtual Samsung TV for the chance to win that prize


  • By combining ongoing engagement and promotions across Samsung’s social media channels, we increased fans from less than 50,000 to 270,000 and vastly improved sentiment in just the first year
  • The brand’s Twitter following also grew by 1,875% in that time period
  • During the course of “Like It, Reveal It, Win It,” Samsung’s fan count nearly tripled; more importantly, those new fans became active community members, with active-fans jumping from 30% to 50%
  • The “State Your Case” promotion resulted in more than 1,000 user-generated videos, in part due to our partnership with Extranormal, a third party whose text-to-video technology made participation in the promotion much more accessible to fans

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