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Microsoft Windows Live

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Microsoft Windows Live: Facebook Management



Windows Live was looking to improve perception through active, engaged Facebook communities. Each page had unique challenges – Hotmail needed to drive awareness of the redesigned email service through fan growth, and Messenger needed to drive more quality interactions with its already massive fan-base.


  • We educated visitors on new Hotmail and Messenger features through custom Facebook tabs and optimized wall content through weekly content analyses to encourage relevant conversations
  • We focused on driving fan feedback through fun, timely content that was educational and engaging; the content strategy was reshaped as the fan bases grew in order to keep up with changing interests


  • In the first year, both pages saw huge growth: Hotmail increased its fans by 333%, and Messenger increased its fan base by 230% to more than 11 million fans
  • 54% of all posts performed above the feedback rate goal, and attrition fell by 60% despite page growth, demonstrating that new fans were genuinely interested in the brand’s content
  • The Messenger page generated 277 million impressions and saw an ROI of 93:1 when compared to paid media impressions on Facebook

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