What’s Trending with Millennials on Social Media

Most the of the time, brands are looking to target a certain subset of individuals on social. When it comes to millennials, brands have to be strategic as they differ from other generations and groups of people. Below we breakdown what’s trending with millennials on social media. 

What's Trending with Millennials on Social Media

Millennial Usage on Social

This generation is defined by being born between 1981-1996. They came of age during the Internet explosion and were raised with technology which means they understand constant connectivity. Millennials have an average of nine social media accounts and their social behaviors have become more purpose and entertainment driven rather than interacting with their networks. This generation is spending an average of almost four hours a day on their phones and desktops, therefore there is a great deal of opportunity to reach these millennials. 

Where to Find Millennials on Social

Though there are reports that Facebook numbers are declining and millennials are jumping off the platform, according to eMarketer, it is still the most popular network among this age group. Millennials are using Facebook for gaining insight into the latest news and researching products and services. There are still many active millennials on Facebook who utilize it to maintain their social circles. 

The next most popular network for millennials is Instagram. Instagram is the perfect storm of an app for millennials as it includes features that appeal to this group such as stories, native shopping and access to celebrities & influencers. The other most popular networks to millennials are Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter, in that order.

How to Attract Millennials to Your Brand

There are various tactics your brand can take in order to draw millennials in. In terms of creating content, here’s what’s important to keep in mind: 

  • Develop a brand identity
  • Utilize user-generated content
  • Keep it brief
  • Be original
  • Create entertainment value

When it comes to engaging with millennials on your social channels, ideas include:

  • Use emojis & gifs
  • Add an element of personalization
  • Create positivity
  • Provide an all-in-one experience
  • Be Authentic

For more about this group and how to bring them into your brand, watch our on-demand webinar about “What’s Trending with Millennials”. 

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