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Snapchat can’t catch a break and Facebook cops to another measuring mishap. All that and more in this week’s Social You Should Know!

More Signs of Trouble at Snapchat

It was only a matter of time. Instagram continues to mimic elements of Snapchat that make made, the platform unique. This time, Instagram is introducing “Face Filters”. Other recent updates include a rewind feature and hashtag stickers. In related news, Snap Inc. stock took a dip recently. Face Filters might have something to do with it, or stock could be down because a shareholder alleges Snap Inc. misrepresented user numbers. Oops. Will they Snap back from this? Or will this be the straw that … Snaps the camel’s back?

What Measurement Matter Most to Marketers

Analytics provider TrackMaven released results to a survey that polled marketers on important components of measuring their efforts. Content performance and social media analytics came out on top with 65.2% and 59.7% of respondents indicating those aspects were the most important.  Are you measuring your social media content performance?  Here’s a recent blog post we wrote on the topic that full of valuable info on how to be sure you’re doing it right.

Facebook Flubs Measurement (Again)

Facebook added another measurement mistake to the list; the tenth since September, according to MarketingLand. This time Facebook admitted to mischarging for clicks on link-based video carousel ads. Instead of only charging advertisers for clicks to site, Facebook billed them when smartphone users clicked to play the video. This issue has since been corrected and Facebook issued a refund.

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