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America online. Myspace. Could Facebook be next?

A new study from Piper Jaffray this week reported that Teens are fleeing Facebook in flocks. The study compared survey responses from Spring and Fall 2014 and showed a dramatic decline with less that half of teens (45%) now reporting to use the network, down from 72%. The researchers evidently missed the fact that Snapchat is now the #3 network among teens as the network is not included in the results.

Source: Piper Jaffray

Source: Piper Jaffray

However, directionally this trend is interesting. Some social media discussion speculated that the teenage demographic behaves differently than reported, but isn’t that the point? If the trendsetters deem the network uncool, their friends (and marketers) will follow.

Could people be the next great search engine?

Madison, a new crowdsourcing effort from The New York times, seeks to have people find and tag ads, creating a relational database of old NYT ads. This is an interesting experiment, as machines still struggle for contextual relevance. Adding a human data source could create much better results in terms of search relevance. Google recently killed exact search matches (bad spellers unite!) in favor of more contextually focused results.

WHO is talking about Ebola and when?

Automated Insights released an interesting study of Ebola tweet volume this week illustrating how the organizational conversation of the virus shifted as Ebola moved from Africa to America. Could tweet analysis be a way to identify not only emerging trends in health but other subjects as well? Time will tell.

Using Agile Social Media Management (ASMM) to responsively manage engagement

As many community managers can attest, social conversations are fluid and many well-planned campaigns can be derailed as the landscape shifts from moment to moment (#bendgate anyone?). By adopting Agile principles, social media marketing can be flexible to adapt to evolving social environments and optimize content, aggregation and syndication in real time to maximize audience engagement.

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