Twitter Helps Users Support Their Side for #WorldCup

To reinforce themselves as the kings of real time and event content, Twitter opened up functionality today that allows users to cheer on their country in the 2014 World Cup. Users are prompted to engage from their Twitter timeline and then launched into a new experience that consists of four steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Country

As with any sporting event, first you have to decide where your loyalties lie. This consists of clicking on a country’s flag to show your support. I went with the USA (I know. I’m such a homer right?). Once you select your side, you move on to personalize your profile.Step 1 Pic

Step 2: Give Your Profile a World Cup Makeover

Every Soccer team has a badge, and so should you. Step two prompts you to select a profile picture from a set of pre-created images. There’s an option to upload an image from your computer if you wish, but beware once you click get started there is no option to go back within the setup experience.

Your cover photo also changes to look like a blurry stadium filled with fans. I think Twitter missed the engagement mark here, not having the fan size in the stadium grow as the support for each team grew. Yes, it would be painstaking, but it’s the World Cup! Give the people what they want — any reason to brag about their squad. Moving on…

Step 2 Pic

Step 3: Get Your “Who to Follow” Started Kit

Now that you’re profile looks the part, it’s time to get in on the action by following a pre-populated list of Twitter users relevant to your team’s World Cup conversation. My list had 88 people on it consisting mostly of Team USA players, but also people and organizations like Fox Soccer, Robin Roberts, and FIFA. I’m skeptical about some of these (why do I need to know Kobe Bryant’s thoughts on Soccer?), but interested to see what kind of content they bring to the table.

Step 3 Pic

Step 4: Tweet Your Support

The final step encourages you to send out a tweet showing support for your team and a link to the experience to draw in the engagement for your team, and with the campaign. I’ll be interested to see what kind of content will come by way of my World Cup Starter Kit in the coming weeks.

Step 4 Pic

Twitter Willing to Play Futbol With Marketers?

While the experience may be cool, the implications are much larger. This is an example of Twitter being willing to come to the pitch to talk to a large marketing body (FIFA). Could this open the door for similar or even more involved experiences surrounding other events? Think of the possibilities:

  • Most American marketers would love something like this for all of the buzz created around Super Bowl commercials.
  • Teams would love this type of functionality for playoffs in all sports.
  • It could offer another level of second screen interaction beyond just the content within the stream.

I’ll withhold judgment until I see how valuable my 88 new followers are to keeping me in the loop with #WorldCup action, but my guess is you’ll see this campaign reskinned and revamped sometime in the future. The World Cup kicks off in one hour, who are you supporting?

Have you been prompted to engage in this experience? Tell us about how you or your brand plan to execute for the World Cup in the comments.

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