Twitter Event Targeting Creates A New Way to Reach Audiences

Twitter is stepping up their targeting game. Last month they introduced event targeting, which allows advertisers to reach audiences interested in specific events. This new targeting option has been added to the additional targeting criteria on the Twitter ads dashboard where you can easily browse for events by category (sports, entertainment, holidays, conferences, politics, and other).

What does this mean for advertisers? We’re able to insert our message into conversations about live events and reach users who are more likely to engage with the content. For example, if we wanted to reach users interested in a big Sunday football game, we could target users who have engaged with that event.

Just because this targeting is available doesn’t mean that it should be used on all promoted content. The nature of your content should be an indicator if you should use this targeting or not. For example, if you’re looking to generate awareness and engagement on a coffee promotion you shouldn’t use event targeting to target users who engaged in the WWE Summer Slam event. Always look to your content when deciding whether or not to use event targeting.

Twitter hasn’t forgotten about us analytical nerds, so they’ve also included event insights based on the previous year’s data. The Event Calendar option found on the Tool drop-down not only lets you search for specific events but also provides data on audience reach and top tweets, plus country, gender and device breakdown for a particular event.



Advertisers are always excited for new ways to target, but many of us are curious if event targeting is a smart way to reach a particular audience, or just another way to reach a new kind of audience. For now, event targeting is still new, so we have yet to see if Twitter’s big news has more bang for the buck.

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