Twitter Capitalizes on Your Web Browsing

Back in December, you may have heard some discussion surrounding Twitter’s new advertising product: Tailored Audiences. Late last week, Twitter took retargeting ads a step further with the introduction of a new website tag.

Advertisers who have already created a snippet of code for Twitter’s conversation tracking feature can now use the tag for website remarketing—meaning once a brand or business places a tag within their website, Twitter can find the accounts of users who have recently visited the site. Now the advertiser can leverage Tailored Audiences to deliver a specific promoted tweet or account to someone they know has some interest in their product.

Abhishek Shrivastava, Product Manager, Revenue for Twitter gives us a visual example:

Twitter Website Tag Infograph

What does this mean for brands?

A stronger ROI driving force. By reaching users who have already expressed interest in your product on a higher level, you’re providing relevant content and building lasting relationships. So many times in the social space, consumers are fed advertisements they feel don’t relate to them in any way. Twitter’s website tagging brings advertisers one step closer to eliminating this disconnect altogether.

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