Tweetstorms: What You Need To Know

At some point in your Twitter history, you’ve probably come across several tweets in a thread that starts like this:

As Twitter has long held a 140 character limit (which is changing as of fall 2017), if someone wants to continue one train of thought, they need to do so over a series of tweets. Replying to the original tweet allows one to keep all the tweets threaded together for ease of reading and conversation. While these threads are easier on the reader, they can be challenging for the tweeter.

In order to craft a thread, one needs not only to plan out what they’re going to say, but also make sure they reply to each tweet in order so that the thread lines up with the story they’re trying to tell. This can lead to errors like forgetting to reply to yourself and those tweets don’t appear in the thread, or one thought that was meant to be in the fifth of nine tweets now has to go at the end because the author got distracted.

Well, fear not, lovers of twitter threads, there’s a new solution on the horizon: Tweetstorms. With this new feature that’s only currently available for some users on Android, users will be able to draft the entire thread of tweets before sending even the first tweet live. Soon, you’ll be able to read your entire thread (or storm) of tweets as they will appear on your timeline, make sure it all looks the way you want, then sit back as they all publish in the order you intended.

This is all still unconfirmed by Twitter, but don’t be surprised in the coming weeks or months when this feature suddenly becomes available for the masses. Want to reach your audience with all the latest Twitter features? Drop us a line. We’d love to chat.

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