Top 5 Behaviors on Twitter

Back in March 2015, Twitter announced their partnership with big data partners Acxiom and Datalogix to give advertisers access to partner audiences based on online and offline behaviors and characteristics. Now that behavioral targeting has been around on Twitter for a few months, we’re starting to see some patterns and trends emerging, one of those being the top 5 behaviors to target by. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top behaviors with a below-average cost per engagement and an engagement rate in the top 20%.


With Twitter being the leading real-time platform, it’s no surprise that sports are the most-engaged and cost-efficient behavior as fans are actively creating and engaging with content before, during and after the game. It’s a great way to tie your brand to the excitement of the moment as fans tweet about the ups and downs of the game as they happen. In a study conducted by the Chicago-based sports and entertainment research company Navigate Research, sports fans are 67% more likely to use Twitter as their second-screen viewing experience than non-sports fans. If you’re looking to reach this highly engaged audience, consider inserting your message around a sporting event or create content that speaks to sports-focused users. As with any real-time content, the more relevant your message is to sports the better it’s likely to perform.


Parent & Family Position

Although Twitter is the #3 social site for U.S. parent internet users following YouTube and Facebook, 2 of the 5 top behaviors on Twitter are parenting-related. Parents use the platform to connect with other parents and engage with brands their children and other family members enjoy. If you’re looking to tap into this highly engaged audience, consider creating relatable content the shares the experiences of being a parent. Here’s how these two parent-related targets differ:


This category includes behaviors relating to the stage of parenting (new parents, moms of grade school kids, moms of high school kids, etc.) and type of parent (big city mom, stay-at-home moms, green moms, etc.). Moms with big families are the most active group as they are sharing their experiences with other moms on Twitter and interacting with the brands their children use.

Family Position

This breaks down the various roles in the household (female head of household, husband, wife, etc.). Of the 6 family positions, female head of household is the most engaged as they are the one making the decisions in their home regarding the brand they and their family use.

Dining & Restaurants

Live tweeting a meal is like a sports play-by-play for foodies, so it only makes sense that dining and restaurants are among the top-performing behaviors on Twitter. Here’s how the Dining and Restaurant targets differ:


This behavior focuses on the type of dining experience (fast casual, casual, fine casual, and quick serve) rather than specific restaurants. Of the 4 sub-categories, users who are likely to dine at quick-serve restaurants are more likely to engage with content on Twitter.


Looks at behaviors around specific restaurants. Of the 16 national chain restaurants included in this category, quick-serve restaurants are among the top behaviors in this category, which helps explain the popularity of the quick-serve dining category.


Which behaviors do you target frequently? Tell us in the comments!

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