What Brands Can Learn From DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Success

A hip-hop mogul just unlocked the key to Snapchat marketing. While brands have been trying to demystify the social network, DJ Khaled snuck in and became the King of it overnight. So, what can your brand learn from the newly minted King, who now boasts 6 million followers on Snapchat?



DJ Khaled knows that fans want real connections and takes a “nothing to hide” attitude towards his Snaps. Whether mundane or exciting, his fans value seeing the reality of his daily life. Because of this transparency, fans have more easily built an attachment with him. (Myself included!) His stories are unfiltered, real, and raw, which is what followers want to see.


If you watch DJ Khaled’s Snapchat stories, you’ll notice his fans are featured almost every day. It’s rare that he’s surrounded by security and is always welcoming the love of his fans or “fan luv.” It’s apparent how much DJ Khaled appreciates his followers and is gracious for their support. Recently, he started doing meet-ups and disclosing the time and location on Snapchat so fans can engage IRL with the Snapchat King. According to Forbes, 62% of millennials are more likely to become a loyal customer if a brand interacts with them over social media. It’s essential to engage with your followers and let them know they’re being heard and are appreciated.


DJ Khaled has successfully figured out that Snapchat is a powerful storytelling tool, geared towards creating moments. Fans are intrigued by his way of life and Khaled has been able to give them insight into the celebrity lifestyle and expose them to behind the scenes moments. From going on tour and doing club appearances to sharing his eating habits, workout routine, and music creation, Khaled evokes an emotional and real connection with his followers that’s a must for every marketing campaign. He’s also aware that consistent messaging is a key factor in his Snapchat success. He snaps on a daily basis and keeps similar threads and saying consistent throughout his Stories, ensuring that fans clearly know what to expect from him and what he represents.


Because of its increased popularity, brands are trying to jump on the DJ Khaled bandwagon and capitalize on his sayings in hopes of connecting with their millennial market. Remember, if you decide to partake in the Khaled-isms and relevant conversations, make sure you’re doing it right.

These Wendy’s response tweets are great examples of how to effectively engage with pop culture without trying to be the “cool mom” that tries too hard. Not only does it fit the brand’s social voice, but in this scenario their response makes sense and is not coming out of left field. Wendy’s continuously engages in pop culture conversations, which their followers support.


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The last thing you want is your fans turning on you and telling you to stop trying too hard. While Mastercard’s tweet received great engagement, the sentiment was mostly negative. The tweet feels random and doesn’t fit with their social voice.

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