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64% of Holiday Shoppers Report Purchases Inspired by Social Media

Crowdtap released a Holiday Shopping Survey which revealed about 64% of shoppers are now using social media to help inspire their holiday purchases over traditional channels (TV and magazines). The study also found that different social channels impact the consumer path to purchase; Pinterest resources are best for gift inspiration, blogs play a role in gift research, Facebook leads to product promotions, and Instagram serves as a natural location to share purchases. Comparing these channels to one another, 59% of consumers reported that Facebook continues to be the most influential when it comes to making holiday purchases.

80% of Video Interactions on Facebook are from Native Uploads

recent study of 20K brands showed that the number of videos natively published to Facebook has exceeded the number of YouTube videos posted by brands. While we have seen a continual increase in videos uploaded directly to Facebook, this is the first time we’ve seen Facebook video uploads actually surpass YouTube uploads. This is a huge signal that YouTube is beginning to lose important video market share.

Snapchat Leak Reveals Company’s Future Vision

Emails leaked in the recent hack of Sony Pictures revealed new information about Snapchat’s vision for the future. These emails revealed Snapchat’s acquisition of a QR code and iBeacon technology company and a real-time video chat company.  Aspirations for Snapchat to play a larger role in promoting artists and musicians were also exposed. With this insight, we think retailers, media companies, and entertainment brands should keep an eye on Snapchat’s offerings as we move into 2015.

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