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Social Media Ads Continue to Evolve | Social You Should Know


Snapchat and Instagram’s social media ads continue to evolve as the fight for the best ROI continues on and Facebook tests a new disappearing messages feature. That and more in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Snapchat and Instagram Ads Continue to Evolve

A recent report among social media marketers revealed that Facebook produces the best ROI among all social networks, while only 2.1% say that Snapchat had the best ROI. What will be interesting to watch is how these numbers shift as the channels and their ad products continue to evolve. Snapchat released its first e-commerce ads this week. The ads play for 10 seconds, and users have the ability to swipe up to purchase the products without ever having to leave Snapchat. Meanwhile, Instagram introduced video carousel ads. Their ads can be a combination of pictures and/or video and must include 3-5 content pieces. These carousel ads are being tested globally by large brands and will be available to the general public in the next couple of weeks.

Pinterest Launches Curated Collections

Pinterest has seen strong international growth and as a result has launched curated collections to further engage users in: Germany, France, UK, Brazil and Japan. These new curated collections will feature trending topics in each of those geographical areas. The collections are chosen by Pinterest editors, brands and other “tastemakers” to help people find relevant content in their language. Each featured collection will be made up of pins, boards, relevant searches and pinners that are trending in their region. These collections will appear in the app’s explore section and will be expanding to more countries in the next few months.


Facebook Tests Disappearing Messages

Within the messenger app, Facebook is giving some users the option to set a time limit for how long they want the message to be visible to other users. Disappearing messages would build on the new security features that were recently introduced by Facebook, including default encryption for WhatsApp. This experiment is yet another way that showcases the value Facebook places on private media, a fascinating trend that’s here to stay, and will shift how people – and brands – communicate and use social media.

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